Zen Family Spa & Reflexology

What is it: Zen Family Spa & Reflexology

Where: Jln Gunawarman No. 43, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan. Phone: (021) 726.2375

Who is it for: It’s a family spa, so mom, dad and the kids can enjoy the various treatments provided by their therapists.

The treatments: Ranging from foot treatment, Balinese massage, royal touch (a two hour massage using yoga-inspired techniques, aimed to help you relax and reduce tensions from stress), face massage, lulur, boreh and many more.

How much: Very affordable. The treatment starts from IDR 50.000 (face massage) to IDR 249.000 (the aforementioned Royal Touch)

My review:

“Spa can be everywhere but the best spa comes from the best therapist” is Zen Family Spa motto and after trying it for myself a few weeks ago, I had to agree.

The offer to come to Zen and try their treatment couldn’t have come at a better time. I was facing two big moves – moving to a new home and a new office – and was in a quite stressful period in my life. I desperately needed a few hours of being “zoned out”, not thinking of work, home, or other problems and just relax while being pampered from head to toe, and I believe I came to the right place. The spacious, dimly-lit interior of the Zen Family Spa building, strategically located in the heart of Jakarta, quickly made me feel at home. The rooms, all scented in relaxing and soothing mint aromatherapy, are decorated in traditional Balinese style with a slight modern touch. They are also very clean and well kept. The staff are warm, friendly but very professional throughout my visit.

I chose a 90 minute Balinese massage and was taken to a private room which was small but cozy, dominated by natural elements like wood and stone. The therapist started the treatment by washing my feet in small basin containing warm water and flower petals. She then asked me to lay down on the bed, lit up the aromatherapy burner and proceeded with the massage, beginning with my feet. The therapist was very, very skillful. She expertly kneaded my sore muscles, giving them just the right pressure to release all tension I had in me and made me feel very relaxed. So relaxed that I fell asleep almost immediately :D. Ninety minutes flew by under these skillful hands and before I knew it (I hadn’t even gotten to a point where I dreamed of becoming Benedict Cumberbach’s love interest – damn!), my session was over.

It seems like all rooms in Zen Family Spa are equipped with a large, limestone bathtub and what is a better way of closing a fantastic massage session than soaking in warm, bubbly water while sipping ginger tea? Nothing! So that’s exactly what I did and I could really feel all my stress just melt away. It was divine.

I walked out of the place feeling immensely better both physically and emotionally and I was just feeling.. zen! Highly recommended and I would come back to Zen Family Spa anytime!