Ready for the 8th Brightspot Market?

So what are your plans this weekend? Whatever they are, visiting Brightspot Market has to be one of them. Yep, as you may have heard the buzz weeks ago, Brightspot Market is back in town!

Because this is their 8th event since 2009, I’m sure you’ve already know about the famous biannual event. It’s basically a curated market that showcases young, independent fashion and product designers alongside unique retailers and international streetwear brands. Its popularity soared after only a few events. In fact, attendance has gone from just over 5000 visitors at their first event in 2009 to 55,000 at their last event in November 2011.

This year, Brightspot Market is held from June 7th-10th in Gandaria City, filling the massive Skeeno Hall on the 3rd floor. With more than 125 booths, you’ll find tons of hip and unique local products, alongside some international streetwear brands. Several new brands is launching their very first collections, while many returning vendors is introducing their latest season.

And as usual, the market also provides a bake sale with specially selected vendors to satisfy your sweet tooth, such as Chef Nation and Serradella.

The four-day event kicked off with an opening party yesterday, Thursday, June 7th (did you meet us there?). However, doors will be open to the public from today, June 8th, to June 10th from 11AM-11PM.

We got invitations for yesterday, and of course we came! Here are a few handy tips that you may need to know:

  • Great news—the venue and setting for this year’s Brightspot Market is definitely more comfortable than last year. Though the opening party was jam-packed, the place is way less cramped. The air conditioning system is much  better also. Wearing comfortable clothes and flat shoes is still the best, but if you don’t, you won’t melt in heat like last year.
  • But that doesn’t mean you should drag you strollers into the venue, mommies! There’s no rule about it, but it would make the shopping experience less enjoyable for you and others, so leave the wheels on the door or at the bake sale area. By the way, we totally appreciate Indah Kalalo who wore her baby with a baby carrier yesterday ;)
  • Another great news—say goodbye to long lines at designated cashier areas! This time, each booth in Brightspot Market has their own cashier. Some accepts both debit and credit cards, so you don’t have to load too much cash in your pocket.
  • Wise words from Cotton Ink: ‘Bring friends to accompany you, but always opt to shop alone’. So true! Since Brightspot Market can be hectic and crowded, you can easily be carried away with those countless cute stuff. A friend can help in keeping you ‘sober’.
  • Another tip to spend wisely—come early and browse around the whole area before you decide to shop.
  • Do not miss the discounted item’s baskets in many of the booths. You might find a treasure, in a real deal!
  • Try your luck and attempt to bargain some of the expensive items. No harm in trying, as we’ve heard some success stories ;)
  • And as usual, make sure you don’t miss the booths of your favorite brand. Mark their locations from Brightspot Market’s website before coming.

Meanwhile, here are some of our picks from the 8th Brightspot Market. Keep in mind that these items and brands are only a small fraction of what you will find there!

Coral Reef Necklace by Bretzel (IDR 289,000)

In every event they participated, Bretzel always sets up a one-of-a kind ‘kitchen set’ decor on their booth. Maybe that’s what makes their collection tasteful? ;) This season they bring deep sea nuance into their collection. So instead of blue and teal, you’ll find many coral-like colors. Check out this coral reef necklace, which resembles coral reef in real life.

Umbra Accessories Organizer at Aksa’ra (IDR 100,000)

Organizing accessories has never been this fun! Make sure you stop by Aksa’ra’s booth to check out their rows of organizers. Perfectly crafted, made from fine material.

JD Kids’ Shoes

We all agree that little boys’ stuff is a lot harder to find than girls’ stuff. So when we saw these little preppy boys shoes from JD Kids, we thought, HA! Beat that, little girls’ moms! Not only are they adorable, but also comfortable with their soft linings.

Harper and Smith

When passing by their booth, our eyes were instantly drawn to the racks and racks of wallets and other leather goods. We love how Harper and Smith’s goods are in high quality craftsmanship, materials, but with such understated designs. And yes, affordable, too! Check out their neon Colorful Summer Collection.


Party planners alert! Gudily is definitely your one-stop place to get fun and whimsical party supplies. They provide a wide range of decorating essentials, so there’s no reason for you to not be DIY and throw events yourself. They even categorize their product based on events and themes. Plus, you can expect new themes and collection from Gudily every season.


An oldie but still a goodie. Along with its ‘older sister’ brand Mimsy, Clementine is one of Brightspot Market’s returning vendors, and we can see why—Clementine brings great quality through its functional yet stylish bags. We’re a fan and so should you!

If you go there today, don’t forget to share with us your purchase.