DIY Skincare: Oatmeal Cleanser, the How-to

I have explained the amazing benefits of using oatmeal as skincare, which I have personally experienced and still feel thankful for up until now. In this article, I’m just going to show you how to use oatmeal as cleanser. You’ll be surprised of how simple the steps are.

What you need:

  • Rolled oats, instant or quick cook don’t matter. Just make sure it’s 100% oats, no added sugar, milk or any other ingredients.
  • Lukewarm water

That’s it!

Now on to the steps:

Step 1: Take about a fist full of oats

Step 2: Let water from the tap run through your hands, letting the water to seep from in between your fingers, making the oats damp.

Step 3: Add a few drops of water to wet the oats even more, making sure it’s nice and soft.

Step 4: When you squeeze your hand, you’ll see that you’ve got some milky water falling through, “catch” that water with your other hand and spread it across your face to “prep” it. I looove the creamy scent of these oats on my skin. So comforting!

Step 5: Massage the oats onto your face for about 1-2 minutes, making sure you spend enough time on the spots where your skin is at its driest. The oats should feel soft, not scratchy, on your skin.

Step 6: Rinse your face with water, pat dry and continue with your moisturizer.

That’s all it takes for you to get beautiful soft and supple skin! A few additional notes:

  • It can be messy to do this, so please make sure you lean over your sink when you do it, otherwise you’ll end up with squishy and sticky oats all over the bathroom floor afterwards (happened to me!)
  • I don’t know how well this cleanser actually cleanses my face so just to be sure, when I use makeup during the day, I apply cleansing milk first before using this oatmeal cleanser.
  • I also use oatmeal which I mix with plain yogurt as a weekly mask. It’s also simple. Just mix the 2 ingredients together to create a thick paste, spread it evenly on your skin and leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing. I keep the yogurt in the fridge so I love the cooling touch on my face when I use this mask.

So have you tried having oatmeal on your face instead of on your breakfast bowl? :) Tell me what you think about it!