Are You a Smoker?

Are you? Well no worries, I’m not here to judge anyone. I would write what I write best, beauty related stuff.

But let me begin this with something first to shed you some light. On 31 May each year, we celebrated World No Tobacco Day (WNTD). It was meant to draw global attention to the widespread used of tobacco and its negative health effects. The Day has been celebrated by the member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1987. And, as an homage to WNTD, I want to write something different.

Smoking, is not only bad for your health but it’s also bad for your skin!

Well, don’t stop reading this article yet. Because this article is not where I’m going to preach about how bad smoking can effect your skin, but it’s rather about what if you smoke and what extra measures you owe to your skin to keep it glowing like it should be. After all, we’re all adults here who all make an informed decision and can very well make their own decision as they please.

So, what does it cost you?

A photo of a twin where Twin A doesn’t smoke and Twin B does, look how different their skin looks?
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1. It makes your skin dry!

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Fact: women who smoke more than ten cigarettes per day have lower moisture level in their skin than those who don’t. Dry or oily, this can lead to your skin to be dehydrated. It leads to your skin becomes less flexible and flaky.

What you need to do: add serum or pre-serum/pre-essence that can help to lock in moisture without being too heavy like moisturizer. It will help to hydrate your skin all day and usually the texture is lighter so it won’t be too heavy for the skin. Products such as Lancome Genifique, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, DDF Amplifying Serum and L’Oreal Youth Code Pre Essence can be added to your skincare routine and used after you cleanse and apply toner, and before you use your serum.

2. Your skin age faster than most

Fact: without the need to cite anything, you all very well know that the many bad chemicals contained in cigarettes are known to destroy collagen and elastin. Usually people at young age have high concentration of collagen and healthy one, and good structure of elastin that makes our skin supple. When you smoke, you suffer the consequences of lost collagen and elastin. Your skin will easily sag, wrinkles are more apparent and the texture of the skin will become uneven.

What you need to do: as soon as you hit that big 30 mark in your age, you can easily turn to aging care that focuses on building back that collagen and elastin defence system. Usually, people will only turn to ageing care once they pass 35, but for smokers, it’s never too early to start to look for skincare products specifically targeted for aging care.

In the past, the variation of retinol has been the belle of the ball when it comes to ingredient in anti-ageing care. But nowadays, there are so much more than powerful retinol. What you can do is to look on our forum for reviews and also our articles on fighting anti-aging signs.

3. Your skin will look dull and resulting in shallow complexion

Fact: your skin gets its nourishment from blood. Another fact that we’ve heard so many times is that smoker’s metabolism is slower than most. Because the oxygen flow in the blood becomes very sluggish, it goes very slow in delivering the nutrients. One of the factors that keeps our skin supple and glowing is the ease of blood flows, delivering oxygen and nutrients, and it’s not as robust in smokers. Thus, it is making the skin complexion looks dull, shallow and even develops uneven complexion.

What you need to do: choose serum that is known to target unevenness. Nowadays, many serum products specifically cater to this problem and not bundled up with brightening care anymore. My thought immediately falls to serum such as Estee Lauder Idealist that is specifically target unevenness problem. I also found Lancome Visionnaire and Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator serums as an excellent products to target this problem.

4. It makes your eyes and lips filled with crow’s feet

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Fact: smokers use the muscle on their lips heavily and they tend to squint their eyes too when they pucker up. No surprise that those activity alone can cause the area around those two to crawl with crow’s feet because you exhaust them. But then the lips also got to be exposed to the toxin first and foremost before any other part of your skin. So the lines around your lips will only gets deeper.

What you need to do: never forget to put lip balm to give that extra nourishment to the lips. Even non-smoker need them, you need them more than them :D. If need be, put extra cash in products to treat your lips. My personal favourite is Erhalogy Eternalips as it gives protection and nourishment it needs, and it’s also affordable.

Just for precaution, also invest in eye creams that targeted for treating wrinkles and fine lines.

5. It makes your hands dry and causes lines to be deeper

Fact: the side of your hand that held the cigarette when you puff up will be exposed to the toxin, thus they will age faster than the one that doesn’t. It’s as simple as that.

What you need to do: use hand cream! That’s the only solution I got. It will give nourishment to your hands and hopefully also give a little extra help there. L’Occitane are known for their amazing hand cream products and they come in wide variety of choices.


Hopefully, this post will be beneficial to someone out there. And obviously, smoking doesn’t only increase the cost of health care each year but also skincare cost as well :D

And it certainly isn’t as glamorous as the Hollywood portray it, doesn’t it?