Today’s Outfit: A Treasure from Viet Nam Costume

I got this Vietnamese traditional dress around 7 years ago, and it ended up hanging inside my closet all this while. This dress was supposed to be worn in formal occasion – at least that’s how I thought -, with a satin silk wide pantalon.

Later on I found out that the Vietnamese call this traditional dress ‘Ao Dai’, means ‘long coat’. It’s a tight-fitting long tunic,  with split on both sides, and worn over satin pantalon. This dress resembles Cheongsam from China, except that Vietnamese wear long pants underneath. And you usually can tell the difference from the pattern or motif. Reputedly, the Ao Dai look stunning on the tiny frames of the Vietnamese women.

Instead of wearing it close buttoned – since it’s indeed, it’s tight fitting on the upper part -, I tried to use it as a long outer, and it just look as good! I wore this outfit to the MUSE 101 Grand Opening, at FX Sudirman. And I think this was quite sound for a semi casual look with an ‘unexpected’ touch.

Top: Chic Simple
Outer: Vietnamese traditional Ao Dai
Pants: Khaki Utilitarian Cotton Ink
Scarf: Hijabonlinestore
Shoes: Godin shoes
Bag: (X) S.M.L