Today’s Outfit: A Touch of Androgyny

If you’ve read Leija’s “Boy Crazy: Part 2” article, the easiest item to instil to your style to create a touch of androgyny look is by using men’s watch. I personally always prefer men’s watches – as you can seen here and here - because they look bolder, don’t look as fragile as women’s watch and usually more shock resistant. I’m not the most careful person when it comes to watch, so usually the one that lasts me for some time are men’s watches. It also suits well with my habit of stacking bracelet.

Very recently, I got myself a new pair of watch, I was thinking something with a rubber band so that it’s going to be more sweat-proof and not as formal as a chained band watch. I came across Timberland watches, which is water resistant and said to be a very sturdy one. After I browsed around the Timberland Watch site, I finally chose Timberland Radler Performance Watch, which came in variety of interesting colours. Was eyeing these three colours below.

When I tried them on, it fits nicely even on my small wrist. And it suits perfectly fine with my style :)

Top: (X) S.M.L.
Pants: Unbranded
Jacket: Kle
Bag: Longchamp Planetes
Necklace: (X) S.M.L
Shoes: Aldo

Which colours I ended up getting? It’s the black one, because I thought it’s more versatile for an everyday watch.

Unbranded ID Bracelet and my new Timberland Radler Performance Watch in Black, the etching of Timberland tree on the inside of the watch is my favourite part