Recent Purchases: The 3 New Pink Items

Just so it happens that all three items that I’ve recently bought are all in pink. It was purely coincidental, but perhaps, it was also because of the feminine and sleek packaging. It drew me to purchase them, compared to other variant :D


Downy Innocence (Rp 13,500 for 400ml and Rp 28,900 for 900ml)

I’m a sucker for new products. So when I see this on the aisle of the supermarket, I immediately grab it. I love using fabric softener because your clothes feels more delicate on the skin and it has a nice soft scent that lingers for quite sometime. Especially with this new range from Downy. It uses the Perfume Micro Capsule technology where it uses scents like those of designer perfume. This particular one has a combination of fruity floral and musky scent. With the combination of peach, apple and melon combined with jasmine and tuberose to create the fruity floral note, added with peach, amber and sandalwood to finish it off.

L’Occitane Pivoine Delicate Lipstick #3 (Rp 230,000)

This one, I got to say the packaging is the biggest contributor to my purchasing decision. L’Occitane never fails to create such a cute and  whimsical packaging that will just take your breath away. I’ve tried L’Occitane lipstick previously. It is moisturizing, and its colour is not so bold. It has a soft sheen to give a little spark to your lipst.

So I think, I can justify adding another lipstick that I can use daily, since my current one will be finished in a week or so.

Evian Facial Spray (Rp 98,000 – Rp 150,000)

Since I’m currently experiencing a very dry skin, I was in the look for a facial spray to hydrate my skin mid-day. The Evian Facial Spray is perfect because it contains unique mineral balance and neutral pH to freshen up my upset skin. This facial spray release mico-droplets that dries off quite fast on the face and it feels really cool. Even though you don’t have dry skin, but you’re going to love this to freshen up your face.

Do let me know if you bought any of the items above and what do you think about them.