PlayStation Vita, My Portable Stress Reliever

Working as an Account Executive in Female Daily has been so much fun for me. I always gets excited whenever I acquire new clients, and also, whenever I am working on proposal for clients. Despite all the joy and fun I am experiencing every single day in Female Daily Headquarter, I am quite prone to stress actually. I assure you that it is not because of work, but because I get bored easily and I work best under pressure (I think), but sometimes it can be obstacles to myself because when I work under pressure, I tend to force myself to focus, which in the end, leads to stress.

Everyone here at our Headquarter have their own stress-reliever. For examples; Hanzky will do some clean up around her house, because for her, seeing everything clean and in order will bring a joyous feeling (no no, I didn’t say that she isn’t tidy when she’s not stressed, just tidier :D ). Then Eko - the new Chief Geek and the only man at work – will go out for Karaoke because he says that singing (loudly) is a good way for him to beat the stress (alter-ego much, eh? :P ). While Syita, when she’s stressed, will browse through Youtube & Vimeo to look for wedding inspiration (for her Amaya Wedding Organizer company, not that she’s going to get marry anytime soon  :D )

Me? Well I play games. I have Call of Duty series installed on my Vaio laptop with the idea of being able to play it anywhere, but obviously sitting in a nice cafe and playing computer game doesn’t seem appropriate at all and will just make people stare strangely at me. That is why when I saw the news of Sony launched PlayStation Vita on February 2012, I got very curious. Luckily, I got invited to the Sony PlayStation Vita official launching in Jakarta, where I did actually experienced the product.

I am basically not into a portable gaming devices because I had only played games on either PC, Laptop or Playstation. I have no idea on how Playstation Vita works because I haven’t followed the development of portable gaming devices, hence I was very surprised! This Playstation Vita features an oval shape similar to the design of Playstation Portable (PsP) with a large 5 inches OLED screen. In my personal point of view, the visual is almost as good as Playstation 3 graphics, which means its fantastic! Vita’s capacitive touchscreen is also very intuitive. I don’t need to put much pressure to it, which is great if you are playing games that requires fast and decisive movements.

Besides its wide and breathtaking screen, I am also pretty surprised that Ps Vita did came out with dual analog stick, which is also one real strong points of the PS Vita itself. It makes it ideal for moving a camera around, or lining up shots in third-person and first-person games precisely (hello… Unit 13!). The sticks are a little on the small side though, so you will have to go a bit easier on your thumb movements than with a regular PS3 control.  Another uniqueness of PlayStation Vita is, of course, the rear touch-panel. It acts just like the front touchscreen plus it is also multi-touch. Think of it like more buttons to play with.

During the event, I also played 2 games on the Vita, Reality Fighters and Unit 13. The Reality Fighters game had me laughing hard, because its so quirky, and also utilizes the Vita’s cameras, and plenty of other humorous angles to make it very interesting to play.  Everything in the game is customizable, I can even pick my own fighting style. There are “serious” options like boxing or silly styles like “ballet” or “zombie.” Sound kinda fun right? Who wouldn’t want to select a “zombie” fighter? :p  On the other hand, Unit 13 is my personal favorite. It’s a Third Person Shooter type of game which I will not describes more in here because I will gets too excited writing about it and will end up with a whole page about Unit 13 :D

PlayStation Vita definetely had changed my point of view on portable gaming. With other features such as front and rear camera, wi-fi, 3G, social networking and even the capability to connect with other players with PlayStation ID. The design, feel and user interface is a hybrid between what’s found on smartphone and a more traditional console and for only Rp.3,999,000 I definitely put PlayStation Vita on top of my stress-reliever list ;)