Statement Prints Take Turn on Haute Hijab

Haute Hijab is an online shop, specializing on scarves and wraps. It was the first Muslim company to sell vintage scarves as hijabs when they launched in 2010. The vintage scarves were so popular, they sold out in a matter of minutes. So did each collection – it virtually sold out within a day.

Since its first appearance, this Chicago-based online shop always made head turns with its vintage, classy scarves. They designed their own printing on a high quality fabric. You’ll notice its significance from the products. I’ve never seen any resemblance anywhere and you can tell the difference.

As long as I have known, Haute Hijab is always keeping itself up with the latest with fashion trends, what happens in runway, and they translate them into something that makes a strong statement for hijabers style, yet the modesty is maintained.

The collection for this current Spring/Summer celebrates print trend, with the freshest and fiercest hijab prints that are totally worth investing in. The average price for most of the scarves or wraps in Haute Hijab is $20, and they also ship internationally with as low as $5 shipping fee!

as for their term, 'scarves' is for square scarf, while 'wrap' is for long/rectangle scarf.

Need an idea on which scarf to get? Since this is the season of the prints, it’s the best season to rock the multiple motifs, which you can easily find at Haute Hijab.

If you’re confuse on how to wear Haute Hijab’s printed scarf, they also share their tips on how to wear it with printed top, without looking like an explosion of different patterns.

For instance, in the first picture below, wear something solid like the white collared shirt inside the sleeveless dress to break up the prints from looking overdone.



Check out their website for the latest products and inspirations!