Being in Healthy Weight – Part 1b: Mind Over Matter

We continue the first part Healthy-Weight Series on, again, motivation. If you miss Part 1a, do check it out here.

Here, we will focus more on the added thoughts, and perhaps, some cautions you may want to heed to.

6. Don’t Let Slip-Ups Deter You

All of us fall off the wagon every once in a while, and it’s okay. Snap out of it, and get back to that wagon, stat! Consider it as taking three steps forward and one step back. Don’t give up. I have slip-ups. A lot. A month back, I finished a huge tub of nachos with cheese on my own. In a day. For two days in a row. I felt miserable because eating junk makes your body feel so sluggish. I came back with a revenge – ramping up my exercise program, and tried very hard to clean up my diet.

However, don’t confuse slip-ups with consistently failing to stick to your plan. If you don’t even try to fight your mind when it wants you to reach to that big bag of chips three days in a row, then go back to #1 and re-think of what you really want to do.  * image via

7. Prepare to Invest

I don’t buy it when people say you don’t need any investment to lose weight and be healthy. Generally speaking, junk food is cheaper compared to healthy food. Sitting on your couch all day is cheaper than coughing up the dough to buy a pair of athletic shoes. Whatever you decide to invest, you will get an enormous return of your investment, in of health, having much more energy, and feeling better. You will probably even to be able to shop in more stores that only carry a narrow range of sizes (those ‘free-size’ clothes sold in ITC? Yeah, I hate them too. Whose size are they using anyway?)

As a home exerciser, I invest in equipments. Hanzky just invested in a gym membership, and that is her investment! Whatever the form of your investment, the important thing is to actually use it!

8. Don’t Get Tempted by Shortcuts

Fad diets, ‘injection’, slim doctors – I think we have heard all of that. Sure, they can give you instant results in terms of weight, but do they make you healthier, your heart more efficient, and your muscles stronger? No, they don’t. In fact, a lot of the substance used in these ‘slim’ injections are made of metamphetamine, the party drug. Of course they won’t tell you that. Once you’re there, you are on a downhill road to destroying yourself. And instead of conquering your mind, you teach your head that you are not determined enough to make the change yourself. You need that determination to build your own confidence and to pass it along to your loved ones – your spouse, partner, friends, and children.  * image via


9. Body Image Issues

If you are already within your healthy weight with healthy WHR, and you still have problems with your weight, please consider that your issue may be with body image. I have seen a lot of people saying ‘I’m fat’, when in truth, they are not. Instead of focusing on getting fitter, they want to be skinnier. And skinnier. This problem is not exclusively to teenage girls. I have read an article how adult women are still struggling with it. Embrace your unique body shape. Remember, celebrities and models are the minority. A lot of them get paid to look great, and some of them even resorted to being anorexic, bulimic, and even drugs to keep up with the expectations. Don’t kill yourself just to be thin. Thin is not hot. Strong, healthy and happy are. Provided you are not an athlete (they have high BMI but very low body fat percentage), take a good look of yourself. If you are only happy when you are underweight, then please, please revisit your reasons.

10. The Hardest Step is the First Step

I always say this, and I am never tired to say it: truly, the first step is the hardest one. Harder than throwing all your junk snacks out the window. Harder than choosing a healthy meal over your comfort, fatty, sugary food. Harder than pushing through a tough cardio routine. Harder than doing your first push-up. Okay, okay.. I know you get the idea. I’m doing some curcol here (sorry!). However, once you take that first step, the rest, as they say, is just details. You only need to be keep that determined mindset on fire so you’ll be consistent and persistent. The bumpiest road will be the first few month. No, I would say the first several weeks. Once you get into the groove, feel the ‘high’, and see how you and your body respond to those sweating sessions, you will be hooked :)


Now you have been armed with some thoughts for you to contemplate. The next step is to take action. Let’s do this together and tell us how you are doing! Visit FD Weightwatcher thread… And, oh, we have more! The next part of the series is about weaving you into a cleaner diet – an integral, essential, part of being in healthy weight. Don’t forget to check back often!