Krisylane: a Trusted Source for High-End Designer Bags

If you’re a bag addict, I’m sure you already have Krisylane Blackberry PIN in your contact list or at least LIKE their Facebook Page. What makes Krisylane stand out among other sellers in Facebook is that she puts effort in presenting the beautiful bags. Pictures are always available from different angles, including when worn. The pictures are always in good quality and they are grouped in their own category. Not too mention that she also takes the time to write down the measurement, the name of the style and color as well as the price. And if the bags are pre-loved, she’s going to put even more pictures to make sure we can see the real condition. I’ve dealt with Krisylane, I believe about three times, and have always been happy with the service. Don’t we all love same-day delivery? :).

Now let’s read on to learn more about the business from Christine Ho, one of the owners of Krisylane.

So how did it all start?

Krisylane started back in 2006, we used to sell through Ebay, and when 2008 recession hit US, we concentrated in local markets selling through Friendster and finally Facebook in 2009. Krisylane is formed by three partners, although only two out of three are actively managing this business. We have several businesses together, so the other partner concentrates more on the other businesses.

What’s the hottest selling bag in Krisylane now?

There are different levels of customers, there’s the high end market, where Hermes still and has always been much in demand. In medium-high end market, brands such as YSL, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Prada, Dior, Givenchy still maintain dominance in these market. However, fresh and updated designers from Celine are creating strong demand in past few seasons.

Is the sales good?

Our revenue has been really good since we’ve opened an offline boutique. I guess because Indonesian market here still needs to look and touch before they purchase.

How do you promote Krisylane?

Currently we promote through Facebook and Blackberry Messenger. We’ve grown and relied on word of mouth as well.

What’s the plan for Krisylane in the near future?

We do have several plans, one of which is to expand our online presence (beyond Facebook) and improve offline boutique. As well as expanding our product availabilities

Jl. Pantai Indah Utara, Centro Metro Broadway A11, Pantai Indah Kapuk. Jakarta Utara

What’s the most challenging thing in running this business?

Educating our customers about our concept. We are a multi-brand lifestyle boutique that carries well-known designers at off-price retail.

We do not offer concierge service or fly-and-buy scheme, so catering to many whimsical customers’ requests, is challenging for us. We do have “Waitlist” service – similar to concierge but the terms and conditions are not fixed.

Can you describe Krisylane customers profile?

Majority of our customers are 25-34 years, various types of women. Some are stay-at-home moms and professionals.

Are you a handbag addict yourself?  What’s your current favorite bag?

Handbag addict ? Not really. Buying addiction is a better term to describe my condition ☺. Brands in my wardrobe (due to functionality and versatility issues) : Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga (in regular hardware), and a classic Chanel. These brands I rotate on daily/weekly basis.

So how do you decide which bags to buy during buying trip?

We have buying trips during beginning of each season. We do not have pre-order or concierge services, but we work with good vendors that supply at current season stocks.




Thank you for taking the time to answer my interview questions, Christine. Best of luck for Krisylane :).

So, have any of you bought from Krisylane? Any of you are eyeing a particular bag from there? Tell me :D