Rustic & Explorative at Jenahara Kemang

Next time you pass Jalan Benda Raya, Kemang, you will spot a new boutique with a big bold name sign ‘Jenahara‘ (with the letter R wrote backward). Does the name ring any bell? Jenahara is a muslim fashion designer, also president and founder of Hijabers Community which was established in 2010.

She just recently opened her Kemang boutique on April 23, and several days prior to this, she also launched her first exclusive store in Makassar. So this is her second store. Makassar was chosen because according to the designer, Jehan – her preferred nickname -, when it comes to quality, the customers are just as thoughtful as those of Jakarta.

About the boutique itself, I always love a store with a warehouse-like concept, and this is exactly what Jehan brought into the boutique. A rustic style created through some strokes of unpainted and unfinished wall and finished with what look like natural raw wood floor. Jenahara characters, simple and edgy, are represented through the rest of store interior. This state-of-the-art concept was done by Jehan herself and it took her at least a month and half. Her concept was then executed with a friend, who happens to be the owner of Silla home.

What you will find at Jenahara? A modern, provocative shapes, and androgyny style clothing pieces. Jenahara has three lines which are available in this boutique:

  1. Jenahara, her second line that you can always find the lookbook at her Jenahara’s Blog. This is her ready-to-wear collections, produced in considerably mass quantity which Jehan maintains the quality in high standard.
  2. Jenahara Nasution, the first line from the brand. She first presented this on stage at Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 2012, last February. Jehan categorized this line to be a high-end pieces, in terms of selection of materials with the highest quality, high fashion sewing techniques and a more expressive and complex design. Jenahara Nasution channel Jehan’s idealism as a designer.
  3. Jenahara by Ida Royani, a label designed by her mother – Ida Royani – for Jenahara.

Jehan described her personal style as ‘”easy, modern and edgy”, which is projected into the collections. “I’m tired of seeing Muslim clothes that seem complicated and multi-layered. So I guess you can find my collections [to be] simple, but unusual, and you can mix and match at ease. Jenahara pieces also suitable for those who doesn’t wear hijab. I am also very concerned with the sewing quality and technique. For me, nice clothes, [is] not just [about] comfortable or good looking from the outside, but also ‘well-done’ [on the] inside.”

I coulnd’t help but notice this sketch-wall as the background right after I entered the store. It shows ‘Jenahara must have items’. There are three basic items of Jenahara; Basic ninja (inner hijab), basic hoodie, and long sleeve basic ninja. “No matter [what] trend is going to roll, all these three will remain there. Muslim outfitter is about mix and match, so these basic items will come in handy, you will be super easy to pair them with the entire collections.”

And what is the most-wanted item of Jenahara new collection? Jehan said, it’s the ‘Red Dress Lady Bird’. You would need to make a pre-order if it sold out at the store.

In the near future, Jenahara store is projected to be one-stop shopping for women. “In addition to clothes and shawls, I will also release collection of shoes, accessories and even furniture and household products such as bed sheets, lamp or a set of tea cups with Jenahara pattern.” Jehan added.

The pattern that Jehan was talking about above is one particular pattern is applied into stunning graphic scarves, shown at Jenahara shows ‘Terre De Brume’ on IFW 2012.

Have you visited Jenahara’s new boutique? Let us know what you get from your visit there!

Jenahara signature pattern

Terre De Brume’ show at IFW 2012

Rack of two-tone shawls, Jenahara’s signature shawl