Weekend Ritual: Wardah Passion Fruit Body Scrub

Before I start with the new product in my weekend ritual, I have to say, Wardah is a brand that people will easily fall in love with. Not only that they’re affordable (very!), but the quality of their products is also very good. It’s also the case with the new scents in their of body scrub range; Wardah Passion Fruit and Strawberry Body Scrub.

Weekend is just the perfect timing where you get to do everything that you can’t during weekdays. For me, that is including trying to use this body scrub. I haven’t really done that in a really long time, but this product has convinced me that I need to include this one more step into my weekend ritual.

When you open the package, there’s a very strong whiff of Passion Fruit, it’s kind of intoxicating at first. The colour of the scrub is white and slightly yellowish. It’s not buttery at all, in fact, it seems that it’s one product packed with scrub granules. I thought it’s going to be one rough scrubbing process.

I was proven wrong. Although the texture is not buttery, but the grit of the scrub granules is not rough. It slough away all the debris, dead skin cells and whatever it is remaining in the surface of our skin just right. I use it on my dry skin and keep rubbing it slowly until all the granules fall out of my skin.

The feeling of what follows after I wash away all the scrubs from my body is just divine. It leaves my skin silky smooth and I feel like I don’t have to use shower gel anymore. Well, I did, and I choose one that is very moisturizing to retain the silky feeling.

Remember when I told you that the products have strong whiff of passion fruit at the very beginning? By this stage, it only leaves a nice soft sweet scent of passion fruit.

This is where I get it wrong. I top it up by using the Wardah Strawberry Body Butter. It has equally strong strawberry scent and I feel like I’m a walking strawberry milk shake. I should have just used some lightly scented or non-scented body lotion. When they’re used separately, the body butter is actually quite nice. Because the texture is creamy and non-greasy, it is able to keep your skin hydrated all day and it feels so soft. Especially when you use it during the day, it will just be perfect.

Overall, this will go very nice for people who like sweet or fruity scents. But if you don’t like it, try the Wardah Olive Body Scrub instead.