The Collaboration Diary: Nail Polish

There’s always new collaboration-set to be launched every month. But instead of talking about the usual fashion collaboration between designer and high street label, this time, we’re going to focus on nail polish. It seems to be an exciting season for nail polish products, with many designers collaboration, and exciting colours popping up.

We think, these collaborations below need to be placed under your radar :)

1. Poppy King and Kate Spade Collaboration

After their first collaboration to create the Supercalifragilipstick lipstick (a mouthful to pronounce), Poppy King and Kate Spade collaborate to create a nail polish collection, now available on the Kate Spade’s website. The set consist of four different vibrant colours, befitting to a summer mood. The collection is inspired by the prints of Australian artist Florence Broadhurst. The set is sold for $28 consisting all four shades in petite size.

The question would be, what’s next Poppy King and Kate Spade? We want to see a full blown makeup collection :)

2. Thakoon for NARS

One of the most exciting collaboration :)

Inspired by the India-inspired Spring Summer 2012 collection showcased at New York Fashion Week, the collection is, well, very summer-y. There are six exciting shades, plenty to choose from, but I’m drooling over the neon yellow. Even though they’re in vibrant shades, but the cream finished polishes don’t just translate into neon shades. There are also pastel colours such as the lavender and light sea foam blue. I wonder whether any of the shade in this collection would make an iconic one, what do you think?

This collection will be out by next week, 1 May in the US, priced at $18 each.

3. Betsey Johnson for Sephora by OPI

We caught this way too late since it’s already available since March 2012. Neither pastel nor neon, but just as bright. The good thing for me is that there’s also metallic and deep-colored hue, which happen to be my favourite. The collection will consist of ten different shades and nail-tip designs. The later, we are still unsure what it is exactly. Would it only cover the tip of your nail?

The highlight of this collaboration would be the ‘It’s My Pink‘ shade, which is a bright pink hue scented with her Too Too fragrance.

The individual polish is $9.50 and the set consisting of six petite size nail polishes with three exclusive shades is $24.50. At this point, I’m unsure whether the whole shades range is still available at Sephora or not, but do visit on the page to check whether your favorite shade is still available.

Which bottle do you think will end up in your drawer, ladies?