My Eco Picks for Earth Month

Happy Earth Month!

What’s your contribution to healthier and more sustainable environment? I believe we are already well informed on how we can promote a better lifestyle in preserving the mother earth. It takes all-year actions, and April happens to be the month of global campaign for better and sustainable Earth.

When it comes to fashion, beauty and lifestyle, there are many global brands that have taken active and significant parts in eco-friendly action. We can easily find a lot of brands that committed to this cause. Some criteria are known to remark a product/brand as eco-friendly. Among them are: Vegan (free from animal source material), Organic (made by ingredients grown according to organic farming standards), Fair Trade (produced by taking into account the welfare of its workers), Recycle and Vintage products.

Most probably we are familiar with some international brands that meet the criteria, such as Body Shop, L’occitane, Nudie Jeans, Stella McCartney vegan fashion, Muji, and many more.

We try to pick local products which promote the same cause, since there is another aspect we need to consider to be more eco-conscious: locally made. If we buy local clothes, we are directly involved in reducing emission caused by transporting; it means we also participate in keeping a friendly and caring environment.


1. Kromo by Auguste Soesastro

image from here)

Auguste Soesastro’s design is about integrity and consistency to the environment and Indonesian resources. His first line, Kraton used natural pineapple fiber, and for Kromo, he worked with material that are easy to find, but still eco-friendly. “The use of these materials is not without cause. Beside being somewhat more environmentally friendly, these materials are fairly well suited to the tropical climate in Indonesia”.


2. Baby Feits T-shirt

This brand has already been a favorite among mothers! Yes, wetruly respect the ‘green mission’ brought by Baby Feits. Made from organic cotton and bamboo, they are chemical free. And more to that, Baby Feits continues to bring the earthy campaign within its design. Just a simple and easy way to teach your kids to live consciously green, with action. And guess what, the t-shirt hangtag can actually grow! The tag is made from plantable paper that is not only totally biodegradable, also contains a mix of wild flower seeds. You put the hangtag in soil, water it and wait for the seeds to germinate!


3.Kriya Kertas

See this unique and exotic batik collage? It’s amazing how an old batik material can be transformed into something artsy and highly valuable. It was made from ‘used batik cloth’, with a collage background also from ‘kain perca batik’. Kriya Kertas creates many nature friendly goods, from disposal & natural material. Another prove of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.


4. NurZahra

Sometimes, being naturally conscious means going through more complicated and meticulous process, in order to fulfill certain criteria, character, and quality standard. These criteria usually translate into higher cost and product price. NurZahra specifically designs certain printing and batik material, with distinguishing dye colors and process. You’ll be agree when you see these beautiful artworks came to, we have their coverage here.


5. Teras Quliner

Comes with the concept of eco green, Teras Quliner, located within the Kalibata City Apartments area, offers a unique dining experience. Every corner is decorated with used and recycled goods, such as glass bottles, plastic cups, plastic bottles, and pieces of wood that are assembled into the interior.

So, do you think we miss any brand that should have been in the list?