Fight the Signs of Skin Fatigue with Biotherm Skin Ergetic

Women, we are living in a changing world. With the increased capacity and role of women in society today, we are living with added pressure, enormous amount of pollution, eating more and more processed food. All of these ‘hazards’ show up in our facial skin.

What Is ItBiotherm Skin Ergetic

The Claims – To fight the most visible signs of fatigue, so they don’t turn into signs of aging. Exposure to poor diet, stress, UV Rays eventually lead to weakened defense system of the skin, leading to the signs of fatigue, such as:

  • Dull complexion
  • Irregular skin tone
  • Enlarged pores
  • Uneven skin textures
  • Rough skin surface

The serum contains ultra potent concentrate that is activated at the last minute (that is, just before you start using it – instead of during manufacturing process). It also continuously fights off aggressors to the skin. Skin will be smoother and plumped, features are refined and rested, and complexion is both radiant and even.

It is made of 99% natural ingredients, with fragrance completely sourced naturally, Paraben-free, mineral-free, synthetic colorant-free, and tested on sensitive skin, thus making it suitable for all skin types.

The Star Ingredients – the serum is enriched with a unique combination of five extract from natural sources.

The multivitamin for the skin, Biotherm Skin Ergetic contains:

  • Broccoli extract – to stimulate the cellular defense mechanism, readying the skin cells to be responsive when aggression occurs to the skin.
  • Botanical cells sourced from apples – to stimulate cellular metabolism
  • Soybean extract – the pillar to cellular energy, it enhances metabolism process within the cells, and to support mitochondrial activity and ATP synthesis
  • Lemon and sugarcane extracts – to promote cellular renewal process by removing dead skin cells to reveal a softer and more radiant skin

Packaging and Formulation

Biotherm Skin Ergetic comes in green glass bottle with a dropper applicator. It has a sticker on the back of the bottle for you to write the expiration date. That is, three months from the date of first use. The product itself is a whitish liquid with runny gel consistency.

How To Use

Before you use the serum, you have to follow the instructions for activation. You only need to activate it once for every bottle. The activation action triggers the release of the extract, equivalent of 150 Sulforaphane-rich broccoli sprouts. This particular extract is highly effective yet delicate, which is why it has to be added on just before you use the product for the first time. Due to the nature of the extract, it is strongly recommended that you finish each bottle within 3 months.

To activate it: click on the cap, and shake vigorously for several times. For the first three applications, you have to shake it well before use. A few drops are sufficient to cover the entire face.

Apply the product evenly in the morning and evening, let it dry before you add on your usual moisturizer and other skincare products.

The Review

I was very interested in Biotherm Skin Ergetic because I was told that this is the preliminary treatment before delving into a full-blown anti-aging skincare. I can also relate to the signs of skin fatigue, I think I have them all!

The serum feels soft and soothing on the skin. It dries quickly and does not interfere with the staying power of my makeup. As I have only been using the product for a month, I can’t tell much difference in terms of pore size or dullness. Worth to note that I haven’t experienced any more-than-normal breakout while using Biotherm Skin Ergetic.

However, because I have oily-yet-dehydrated skin, I tend to get dry patches on some facial areas, such as the forehead, sides of the face and undereye. These dry patches have been so persistent and become more visible after makeup, particularly foundation, is applied. After just a few times of using Biotherm Skin Ergetic, I’ve noticed that the dry patches disappeared, making the skin smoother.

How Much?

Rp 650,000 for 50 ml, supposedly to last for three months of usage.

What Can Be Improved

Though I am not one to usually be bothered by fragrance, I feel that it is a bit strong. Less scent would be good.

The Verdict

After about four weeks of usage, I came to the conclusion that I like Biotherm Skin Ergetic for what it does to the skin. My makeup glides better on the skin, the texture is improved, and my dry patches are gone.