Are You Committed to the Beauty Products that You’re Using?

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to commit to just one product or brand for long period of time. It’s not that I’m not satisfied with the product, but I can’t help but to try on new products out there. But I guess commitment can come easy when you’re so in love with the product, because it just works well with you. When it works perfectly fine, why would you need to find any other, right?

On 18 April 2012, three of Pantene’s Brand Ambassador, pledged their long lasting commitment with Pantene; that they will be loyal to use Pantene, and it’s easy for them, because they love the product and they know it works well for them. Who are they? They are Rossa, Nirina and Dominique Diyose – a renown model in Indonesia, that has an exquisite and envy-worthy long sleek hair that has recently joined the Pantene family.

Why Dominique decided to be committed with Pantene? Because she has been trying various products for quite some time, and though they give a good result at a glance, but they only last momentarily. When she tried Pantene, the effect is long lasting, so she decided to keep on using the brand, and committed to it for very long time. Dominique only tried the shampoo at first, but the result is beyond her expectation. Even without conditioner, her hair is smoother than when she used both the shampoo and conditioner from other brand. It takes a really good product to maintain her long hair – and yes they’re real! As her hair often faced extreme styling conditions where breakage is just another working hazard.

Another interesting experience worth mentioning is Nirina’s. She’s currently pregnant, and surprisingly she doesn’t experience any beyond-normal hair fall or breakage. That’s got to be something, isn’t it? Normally, pregnant women tend to experience extreme hair fall, and sometimes even get very dry and brittle hair. But not with her. Her hair looks shiny and healthy as always.

Now Pantene products come with new formula guaranteeing that your problems with hair would not come back, even after three months. With it’s new Pro-V system, formulated to tackle different problems found in women’s hair, Pantene will be able to transform your hair to its healthy state once more. There are also different lines for different types of hair or problem.

Pantene Total Damage Care is designed for women who lost proteins on their hair which leads to damages on them. With triple the protein, this line helps to strengthen and protect your damaged hair. It also comes with more foam, as our hair is more fragile to damages when it is wet, and more foam will deliver more protection to the hair.

Pantene Silky Smooth is designed to protect hair against the unpredictable change in weather or other environmental factors that cause imbalances in your hair and lead to dry and brittle hair. With a unique moisture balance, this product helps to lock in your hair’s moisture and keep it moist for all day long.

Pantene Hair Fall Control will help to strengthen your hair from its roots. We are torturing our hair every single day with styling, causing it to be fragile and easily breaks. But with the help of Pro-V formula targeting the weakest part of our hair, it’s able to give back our hair strength.

Pantene Nature Care take the best out of nature to help take care our hair’s health from roots to its ends. Cassia complex it contains works together with other ingredients to ease the distribution the benefits of the treatment, and helps active ingredients to penetrate deeply to restore and strengthen the hair from within.

Which Pantene hair care do you think will best suit you? I’m in between Silky Smooth because of my dry hair or Hair Fall Control because of the hair fall. Can’t decide yet :)