SUQQU: A Real Luxurious Japanese Cosmetic

SUQQU is one of the most raved and praised beauty brands at the moment. Something I know I absolutely couldn’t resist! The thing that keep me off of this brand is, of course, the price, and the fact it is only available in Japan, UK and Thailand, and that my favorite online store Strawberry.Net does not carry this brand, and also it is hard to find on eBay.. surprise surprise..

The most wanted item? Definitely the legendary Suqqu Cheek Blush Brush. Lisa Eldridge describes it as the softest brush and it feels like kitten’s paw, also she added when she did makeup for models with this brush, many of them fell a sleep due to the comfort and softness of the brush. So am I tempted? Heck, yes! Have I bought it? No, not yet – $140 is a hefty price.

After contemplating for weeks and months I decided, hey.. Even I couldn’t afford the brushes why don’t I try the other products, since the price of lipstick, eyeshadow to name a few, isn’t too over-the-top and still reasonable for high-end brands such as SUQQU.

However, unlike others US brands, you will not find any extravagant (if it’s the correct word) color collection, SUQQU provides more subtle, wearable and neutral, yet with superb quality. It is a perfect option if you skewed towards ‘mature’ makeup.

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow 01 Kakitsubata

I’m not a fan of the name. It’s so hard to pronounce! It is entirely my fault because I don’t have enough patience to slowly pronounced the name correctly. I often refer to this SUQQU eyeshadow as “kakikukeko” (d’oh).

SUQQU Kakitsubata is one of the best selling eyeshadow quads from SUQQU, and it also featured in SUQQU advertising campaign. Unfortunately my camera couldn’t take the real color of this baby, actually it’s one or two level darker from the pic.

SUQQU Kakitsubata consists of two shimmer colors: peach and golden mocha (top row) and two matte colors: cream beige and dark navy blue (bottom row). SUQQU delivered elegant finish, soft and yet light weight.. It’s not heavily pigmented that is why it’s difficult to take swatches.. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing because that is how SUQQU rolls.

SUQQU Balancing Eyebrow

There are three brow powder colors to mix to create a perfect eyebrow, which until now I haven’t been able to master. I use pencil eyebrow all my life. Then again, who can resist SUQQU? The direction provided in the SUQQU website, first use the lightest shade to define the brow ridge then use the two darker colors to define and fill your brow.

There are two available shades: Moss Green and Brown. Since I have dark hair I opted for the latter.


SUQQU Balancing Cheeks 01 Momozoe

Momozoe is sheer natural pink blush, suitable for almost all skin colors. This palette consists of two shades, the left one is beige pink highlighter than can be used for cheek bone and brow bone. The right one is the pink blush that I find very appealing for my undertone skin.

Due to the subtle soft pigmentation, no matter how many times I applied the blush, it never went to clown cheek. Very translucent and soft. J’adore!

SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick

SUQQU lipstick for me is the truest, what you see on the tube is what you see on your lips. There are 18 shades available unfortunately I only got my hand on these three shades: #10 Urumishu, #02 Kyoganoko and #17 Ichijiku.


Urumishu is a bit peachy, coral wise; Kyoganoko is a bright rosy pink color, and Ichijiku is a bit warm brick red. All of these lipsticks are not shimmer but they all leave glossy finish that last for a couple of hours until it becomes semi matte and very flattering.

What I really love about SUQQU is that even though it is not a lip-stain, the longevity is brilliant! And very moisturizing too. What more could I ask? I am not exaggerating if I say this formula is the best formula I encountered so far.

SUQQU Eyeliner Creamy 02 Black Noir

Ok, I’m a bit tired saying the best this, the best that. But what can I do, the entire collection I owned proved so. This is the other version of gel eyeliner on the market, I previously owned Bobbi Brown, MAC and Estee Lauder.

What makes SUQQU superior from others is the texture. Instead gel-lyish and hard-ish it is more creamy and easier to apply. 02 Black Noir is a true black and also waterproof, it stands a solid 6 hours wear without smudging, no fading. Also it comes with retractable brush that pointy enough to make cat-eyes, also glides along my lid effortlessly. Speaking again about brush, it is so soft! Unbelievably soft, cannot imagine the real brush feels like..


To conclude, if you pursue for high quality makeup and have enough to spare, go spend on SUQQU.