The YSL Ladies Talk About the New YSL Skincare Range

I’ve talked about why I love the new YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum, but the YSL Ladies just reaffirm why I need to love this product! YSL Forever Youth Liberator is a new range from YSL that promises a visibly younger skin within a month. You will get a skin that is one year younger after a month of usage. It’s perfect for those that are 25 years of age and above.

But anyway, who are these YSL Ladies? The YSL Ladies are something that started back in 2009 where YSL Cosmetics chose fifteen females to represent the brand. They have to be the inspirator in their respective fields, and of course, have an inspiring stories, styles and beauty. In 2012, YSL returns with its YSL Ladies program. Five ladies were chosen, each as inspirational as the other. They are Aida Nurmala, Loemongga Haomasan, Olga Lidya, Shelomita and Zoya Amirin. Not only that they’re inspirational, but each of them has the same concern – managing to keep their skin healthy and youthful amidst their busy schedule and hectic life.

I get a chance to hear first hand from the YSL Ladies on why they love the YSL Forever Youth Liberator range. Too bad Loemongga couldn’t made it to the event, I was so looking forward to hear what she has to say about this product too.

It’s a surprise for me that Aida Nurmala left her previous skincare for this one, because I know how she had been using it since forever and she seemed to love it deeply. But coming from her, and I’ve been using the same products as hers, I know that I can take her word when she said that she’ll be staying with this range for real. Quoting her, “I thought I would never leave my previous skin care, but after the Forever Youth Liberator, I know I will stay with this for long.” said Aida Nurmala.

Loemongga swears by the cleansing foam, which cleanses your face thoroughly without drying. Shelomita claims that after using the serum, her skin feels so soft, nothing like she has ever felt before. I can vouch for this, since smoothness and suppleness is one of the very first things I’ve noticed too when trying on this serum. Nutri Creme, Olga Lydia’s favourite, is the one perfect match for the serum – also a must try. You can read my full review on YSL Forever Youth Liberator to know more whether it would be suitable for you or not.

If you don’t know yet whether you want to buy the product, why don’t you head down to YSL beauty lounge to try on their heavenly 60 minutes facial to feel the YSL Forever Youth Liberator experience. They have a special technique to allow maximum efficacy of the products, so you will feel the impact of this product in your first try. I’ve tried the short 10 minutes version, and I loved it.

Thanks for inviting us to hear the YSL Ladies’ experience!