Editor’s Picks from INACRAFT 2012

INACRAFT needs no explaining. Everybody has been anticipating months before the D day. From a day before, if you searched ‘INACRAFT’ on Twitter, almost thousands result came up. One day is definitely not enough to visit this big exhibition.

This event takes place on Wednesday 25th to 29th April 2012, from 10 am to 9 pm. The INACRAFT website mentions that the first two days are for trade (only) days, but apparently when I walk in yesterday, it surely opened for public.

I prefer to visit the exhibition on day 1 to avoid the hectic crowd (usually Friday and weekend) and so I can share my findings to all of you here :D. If you haven’t gone there, there are till four days to enjoy. Here is what I like:

1. Lawe, Tenun untuk Kehidupan

We’ve probably known House of Lawe who specialized in Tenun processed products. This time, they collaborated with 3 designers in a project supported by GFF SGP (Small Grants Program by UNDP). They aim to conserve native print woven cloth from a small district in East Nusa Tenggara, called daerah Tiga Batu Tungku’, while empowering the community. They processed ‘Tenun Molo’ into ready to wear clothing pieces. The designs are surprisingly young, dynamic and trendy. Find them at Hall A #75.

2.Lazuli Sarae scarves and blouse

Lazuli Sarae is all about batik on denim. This denim scarf is their new product. In contrast to usual denim product, this scarf is very soft and delicate!


3. Asayani batik shoes and vest

You may find batik products in every forms, and there are tons of them in Inacraft. But these are definitely a twist with laces attached to batik shoes and clothes. Find them at Cendrawasih Hall #92.


4. Lurik Dress, Datie Handicraft

Love the unusual cutting on this dress, and the fabric is finely processed. This is one of a kind, so consider yourself lucky if it still there! :D Find Datie Handicraft booth at Plenary Hall.


5. Godin Shoes

Among local shoes products that I’ve tried, these are definitely the most comfortable ones! Plus, they are priced affordably than others.  Godin is a new brand, created by a couple of students from Ciputra University business incubator. I am not surprised if this brand becomes a big hit in the future.  We’ve already put it on our agenda to cover them in more detail sometime in the near future. In the mean time, find them at Cendrawasih Hall.



6. Origo

Looking for unique and quirky accessories? Origo it is, which is also on our last year INACRAFT pick.

Their catchy booth is also deserved to be highlighted. Find them at Plenary Hall.


7. Light Craft fancy lamp

Gift for your little ones? Dont forget to stop by Light Craft at Main Lobby. You’ll find angry bird cute lamps in many colors.

With thousands of tenants gathered in this huge areas, some tips here might be useful for you who plan to visit:

  • Comfortable (flat) shoes is a must! You won’t be there for just an hour or two.
  • Bring lots of cash. Although this time credit card counter are everywhere, it still faster to pay with cash.
  • Bring an extra meal from home. Not only meals are expensive there, but the line for lunch is unbelievable! Don’t waste time just to wait in line
  • Bring your own shopping bag.
  • Once you find something you like, better note the booth number, in case you want to walk around before deciding to buy.

And don’t forget to post your INACRAFT purchases! :) Have a great shopping experience everyone at INACRAFT 2012.