Today’s Outfit; Mecca and The Holy Kabah

Arrived in Mecca at around ten at night. That’s after six hours of bus trip from Medina. Mecca is where we have to do the real Umrah ritual. The activities in Medina is just to pay our respects to the prophet Muhammad, visit the historical places and learn Islamic history. Masjid Al Haram is not as strict as Masjid Nabawi in Medina. Here, you are welcome to bring your smartphone and camera. We can see men and women pray in the same area and enter or exit from the same entrance.

Everyone was ready with his/her umrah clothes from Medina. It’s easier for the ladies because we just need to wear regular muslim clothes. Tougher for the men since they have to wear the ihram clothes, which basically a two-piece white fabrics (unstitched!) wrapped around the body. And no underwear allowed :0). So we did the Tawaf (circuiting the Kabah seven times) and Sai (walking from Safa & Marwah, also for seven times). We started at midnight and finished at 3 AM. The picture below was taken right after I did my umrah. I couldn’t describe the feeling. The umrah experience is the peak of my spiritual journey (so far). There, I felt so relieved to have finished the ritual with the whole family, with practically no obstacle at all. Even Jehan, my soon to be 4 year old did all the walking herself. We didn’t have to carry her even for one second. Oh, I also couldn’t describe the feeling of being there, looking at the Kabah standing  before my eyes.

Bergo: From the travel agent
Long white top: Borrowed from Syita LOL.
I wore a white Zara pants that were also borrowed from my sister in law :o)

After spending a few days here, I have now confirmed that the city that never sleeps is not New York City. It’s definitely  Mecca. The Kabah always looks like that, if not with more people around. The surrounding area of the Masjid also always full of people, sellers, shops. Oh, and the shops closed at midnight and open at 7:30 in the morning. I mean, where else you can find such scenery?

People doing the Sai

The view from where I pray

Hijab: A scarf from India, belong to my sister
Long brown top: Unbranded, also belong to my sister :D
Legging: Forever 21
Shoes: Dexter

The outfit on top was for the second day in Mecca. We didn’t do any sightseeing, basically just recovering from the umrah we did the night before. Outfit below was for the third day where we went to Jabal Rahmah, Jabal Nur (where Hira Cave is), Jabal Sur, Arafah, Mina (remember the Mina tunnel stampede?), and Muzdalifah. Now they have built a monorail to facilitate the pilgrims in their Hajj between Mecca, Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah. After the city tour, we went back to Masjid Al Haram for Friday prayer. I’ve never seen the masjid with that many people before. I’m glad I went there an hour early and managed to get a spot inside.

Hoping to experience wukuf in Arafat one day. Out of all the Hajj rituals, wukuf intriqued me the most.

In Jabal Rammah, it’s believed to be the place where Adam & Eve reunited :)
Hijab: Belong to my sister
Maroon Tunic: (X)SML, also belong to my sister :D
Pants: GAP
Shoes: Dexter

Below is picture of the city of Mecca. The city is surrounded by rocky mountain and steep hills. I didn’t take many pictures from the bus because the bus window has yellow tints that make all the pictures turn yellow. Sometimes, it gives the pictures more characters though and make it look like they are from ancient times. Anyway, Mecca is bigger and the Masjid area is grandeur than Medina.

Masjid Al Haram and Zam Zam tower right accross it.

Last Tahajud and Shubuh prayer in Mecca…I was sad already. Here I was wearing an abaya borrowed from my Mom .

Right after Tawaf Wada, another 7 round of Kabah for farewell Tawaf

I miss this view :'( – and the feeling of being so insignificant yet so at peace and content.