Sands Jewelry: A Memento from Marina Bay Sands

Are you bored with the regular souvenirs that your beau brings during his trip to Singapore? If you nod your head, then this article may be your perfect #kode to retweet on Twitter. ;)


Last March, the hip and crowd-pleasing Marina Bay Sands launched its exclusive jewelry line by Rosaline H. Liang, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Rosaline Jewelry. Found in 2004, Rosaline Jewelry has gained popularity in several major cities worldwide for its excellent craftsmanship. The line was much influenced by ornamental patterns from ethnic cultures worldwide.

According to the designer, the Sands Jewelry Collection by Rosaline Jewelry was inspired by the impressive architecture and the Art Path of a true modern wonder, Marina Bay Sands. Its several precious items are even modeled after the iconic Sands SkyPark and extraordinary artworks such as the Rising Forest by Chongbin Zheng and the Rain Oculus by Ned Kahn.

Sands SkyPark

Rain Oculus by Ned Kahn

Rising Forest by Chongbin Zheng

The fine jewelry collection shows a range of classy and shining rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and bangles made of the sterling silver, yellow gold, and all precious stones like onyx and turquoise, with prices starting at S$1,860 for a ring.


SkyPark Collection
[Gold] 925 silver pendant with chain, Marina Bay Sands stamp on the back


Angel Eyes Collection, Inspired by The Rain Oculus
[Silver] 925 silver and turquoise for the eyes

Waves of Love Collection, Inspired by The Chandeliers Featured Within Marina Bay Sands
24K gold-plated 925 silver, with Cubic Zirconia


Angel Eyes Collection, Inspired by The Rain Oculus
[Gold] 24K gold-plated on 925 silver, with black shell for the eyes

Eve’s Garden Collection, Inspired by The Rising Forest
The flowers are made with 925 silver, with Burgundy red Cubic Zirconia. The flowerpot on the necklace, bangle, earrings, and ring are 24K gold-plated

If you are interested to owning these precious mementos, please visit the Marina Bay Sands Gift Shop, located at the hotel lobby, next to Tower 2, and check out more collectible souvenirs which are produced specially for the leading business, leisure, and entertainment resort.