Road to Beautiful Hair Starts With Dove Beauty Camp

Have you ever noticed Dove’s TV ads saying that Dove was looking for women with dry, frizzy and tangled hair to join its beauty camp? The selected participants of Dove Beauty Camp will get intensivetreatment to transform the hair to look fabulous and healthy. Afterthe transformation, women can swing and show their smooth shinyhair on Dove video clip. That’s why the program to find these selected participants named Dove Swing It On.

Realizing my hair is dry and frizzy, I even thought to join the program but then I got too lazy and forgot to register. Now I realized that it was a mistake; I should have registered to join Dove Swing It On.

Few weeks ago, I came to Grand Indonesia to follow the activities of Dove Swing It On participants. It was the third day of Dove Beauty Camp program. The 10 participants must be so lucky and happy tobe part of Dove Beauty Camp. After selecting about 900 women who registered, Dove finally chose these 10 women.

I didn’t see any participant with dry and frizzy hair. It turned outthat during the beauty camp, all participants got their hair treated by Jerry Pravda and his team everyday. Jerry Pravda and his team used complete range of Dove Nourishing Oil Care that consists of shampoo, daily conditioner, daily treatment conditioner, hair mask and serum. They also trimmed the hair to cut to make it look healthier. No wonder the participants’ hair looked healthy, smooth and shiny.

Besides their new hair, I also envy the participants because they could shop a lot of interesting stuffs at Level One Grand Indonesia – from clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories, all paid for by Dove! They all look enthusiast during shopping. Some of them even ran and got sweat. There’s also a participant who took her shoes of so she could run. They need to move hurriedly because they’re only had 30 minutesto shop. After shopping, they changed their clothes and wore the items they had bought.

The session afterward was a makeup workshop from Bobbi Brown where the participants learnt how to create a look for daily makeupand several useful makeup tips that they can apply it themselves oncethey get home with the starter kit that were provided for them. Dove Beauty Camp seemed to be very generous to its participants, didn’t it?

If you want to know other activities during Dove Beauty Camp, you can read all their stories and their video clip at After knowing what the activities are, I believe you also wished you were one of the participants who get the treatment, hair transformation and all those freebies.