10 Must Have Android Apps For Women

I admit, I am an application junkie. On most of my free time at home, I download and try a lot of different Android applications for my Samsung Galaxy Ace (hence I have a 16 GB SD card for my phone!). Most of my downloaded applications are pretty much useful for my everyday needs, but some others are just junk, so I sort my apps and keep those I really need. These apps I am sharing here are very useful for me, as a women, as an employee and as a Mom and the best part of these apps is that is all FREE!! (yes, there will be ads popping out, but not too annoying

1. Jorte

Who doesn’t need a pratical organizer to synchornize all of our appointments scattered around in each and every email we have (like mine)?  For me,  having Jorte is essential. It’s like an organizer minus the weight to manage my task and appointments. It is also highly customizable, you could set your calendar view to either weekly or monthly, change the background and font colors and set up widget to display on your home screen.

2. My Days – Period & Ovulation

This is the best application I ever used to track down my period, fertility and ovulation. I do think this is quite useful for those who are trying to conceive, and those who are on contraceptive plan. Yes, there are the “took a pill” and “had sex” listed on the drop down list, very useful huh ;)


3. Expense Manager (Bishinews)

My goal this month is simply to record all of my spending, but since I am too lazy to take a time and write down each of my everyday spending, I decided to download this app instead.  This is pretty much easy to use and i easily could track down where on earth my paycheck goes!


4. Our Groceries

The best feature of this app is that the list can be easily synchronized and shared with people using different devices (Iphone, Ipod, Blackberry, PC). For married couples, I highly recomend that you install this app on your spouse’s phone so that both of you could shop effectively, because if one item is crossed in your phone (because you just buy it, for example), the crossed item will not appear on your spouse’s shopping list. There is also a feature in which you just enter in a recipe and the app will automatically build a list of all you need, based on the ingredients entered.

5. WhatsApp

I am always curious on free messanger applications, especially the cross-platforms ones. So as soon as this application is available to download on (previously) Android Market, I knew I had to install it. I have been using this app for almost a year now and it works fine even if you’re running on 2G network. This app also allows me to send picture, videos, voice notes and maps easily to my friends who have non-android phone. It’s also one instant messenger that can be installed across different platform, whether you have a Android, Iphone, Blackberry or other smartphone.


6. Viber

Found this app by chance because I was looking for a decent app to do voice calls internationally beside Skype. Surprisingly, Viber voice calls quality is beyond excellent. This is the best app for those who want to save money on phone bills if you travel a lot and perfect for making those emergency calls when you run out of credits. Works with anyone who has Viber installed on their Android or Iphone, anywhere on earth, as long as both of you have at least 2G connection or wifi :)


7. Kids Doodle – Movie Kids Paint

My little 4 year-old, Kaia, loves this app so much. She always gets so excited to see her finished doodles turning into a “movie”. Supported with different brushes and colors including that cute neon colors, Kids Doodles would keep your little one busy for quite a while!


8. Juice Defender – Battery Saver

Apparently, saving my battery life is quite a challenge for me . I am always on 3G network and had a lots of active apps that runs in the background, draining my battery fast. I use Juice Defender to extend my battery life and save power. This app extends your battery life by shutting down unused apps when your phone is on idle mode, and disables connectivity when not in use (or switching to network with the least power consumption such as on EDGE). The best tool for saving your battery life I have found so far, because with only 10% of battery life, my phone power can lasted up to 2 hours.


9. Camera 360

I have tried different kind of camera applications on my phone. I stick to Camera 360 because it have easy to use user interfaces, simple, and to my surprise, the latest update offers wide variations of effect and scenes, something I don’t expect much from a free camera app.


10. Kid Mode:  Free Fun Kids Game

This is one of my personal favorite apps whenever I let Kaia plays with my phone. I find this app educational as well, as it includes storybook, puzzles, games on alphabets, words, numbers, and also Sesame Street musical videos!  Very useful whenever I am running errands and when I need some “me” time :)


So do you have any favorite apps? Share to us!