Review: Facial and Hair Care Products from Himalaya Herbals

Face and Hair Care from Himalaya Herbals

I’ve raved about their Neem Facial Wash, but never really did a proper review. So here’s a look at a few products from Himalaya Herbals that I tried.

Himalaya Herbals products are based in the ayurvedic medicine tradition of India. Ayurveda stresses the use of plant-based medicine and treatments, and historically has been linked with Hinduism and Buddhism.

First off is the Neem Face Wash (150ml for Rp59,000). I actually got a hold of one in the FD Market Plaza; I think it was a used one, and I was curious because I’ve seen this product many times in Jakarta and abroad. It was the jelly Neem Face wash that I tried, a viscous green slimy jelly that has minimal scent. A little bit goes a long way, and spreads easily even with dry face and hand. I message the jelly all over my face for a bit, and then wash it off with water. I loved  it so much that it has become my morning staple for the past couple of years. It is very effective at removing the oil accumulating during the night, yet is not so harsh as to leave the skin tight even though it contains SLS.

Currently there is a foaming version of this wash (150ml for Rp79,000), and I think I like this a little bit more than the jelly version. The ingredient is similar with the gel version, with neem and turmeric (kunyit) as the star ingredient (with added vetiver in the foaming version). The cleansing power is also similar, and I still don’t experience tightness, but it is easier to wash off than the jelly version. The foaming pumps give out a very dense white foam, which I apply to may face without putting water on it.  Overall, I’m very happy with Neem Face Wash as my morning cleanser. Even though I rotate a bit of other stuff, this is permanently installed in my bathroom and the one I use most often. Moreover, I also learned a lot about the neem trees, which apparently is a super plant with many medicinal properties originating in our own region (South and Southeast Asia).

Next is the Purifying Mud Pack, which I only tried a few months ago (150ml for Rp79,000). The main ingredients are Fuller’s Earth, mineral clay and walnut. It comes in a crème texture that spreads easily over the face. It dries and tightens very quickly, and I leave it on for 15 -20 minutes, before washing it off with water, and following with toner and moisturizer. My skin feels clean and tight afterwards. I like this a lot, and it’s become a staple for busy days when I don’t have time to mix my beloved Lush Magnaminty with honey and do a proper mask. A tube contains 150ml and it’s been at least 4-5 months and I don’t think I’ve used half of it, so it’s really good value, and I’ll definitely repurchase.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream, 50ml for Rp99,000. I got this mainly because the main ingredient is aloe vera, and I could always use something like this as an after sun lotion for the face, neck and décollete. The texture is cream (not too heavy), spreads easily and has a very soft floral scent which I like. It leaves a slightly tacky feel afterwards, so I use it only in the afternoon/night when I don’t have to go out of the house. It’s very effective in cooling and moisturizing the skin after a day out in the sun, and a little goes a long way. I also like to use this to mix my oil serums (like the Burt’s Bees Repair Serum) as it is not water based, so it binds the oil right away. And one last pro: the tub is plastic, so it’s really great to bring on travels. Final verdict? Will repurchase.

Other items I tried are listed below. I don’t love them as much as the three products above, but I list the pros and cons for each, so you can attest for yourself whether they’re worth trying according to your needs.

Revitalizing Hair Oil (200ml; sorry I forgot the price). One of the main ingredients in this product is gooseberry, and if you’re read reviews, gooseberry oil is getting a lot of raves for doing wonders for the hair and skin. The way I use it is to put in on an hour or so before washing my hair thoroughly; the hair is glossy and less frizzy afterwards. I like the smell too, a bit floral and old-fashioned.

I just had my hair smoothed, and since then, hadn’t been able to put oils or heavy creams in it, lest it weighs the hair down. But once I get my curly back, I’ll be using this again, I think. Is it a must try? Well, we have so many wonderful hair oils in Indonesia, from coconut oil, candle nut (kemiri) oil and others, that we’re not wanting in this respect. But if you love putting oils on your hair, and is curious about the benefits of gooseberry, you should give this a try.

Refreshing Fruit Pack (150ml; I don’t know the price since I got it used). I got this along with my first tube of Neem Wash, and though I like it enough, I just don’t seem to be using it that often, opting for my clay and oil absorbing masks. Unlike the Mud Pack, the Fruit Pack stings my face a bit. I think it’s perhaps due to the enzymes contained in it (a mixture of acidic apple, fig, cucumber and papaya). It does have some clay in it, so will dry a bit (although not as dry as the Mud Pack). Overall, I would still recommend this mask, and perhaps those with normal and dry skin (as prescribed) will reach for it more often then someone with oily skin.

Anti Dandruff Hair Cream (175ml, I forgot the price). When I smoothed my hair, the first few weeks my head was a total oily mess. I had to wash everyday with clarifying shampoos, and my usual shampoo (Clear) was even too weighty for the hair. A clarifying shampoo is good for my hair, but my scalp itched so much without an anti dandruff shampoo that I decided to try this cream. I put it on my scalp up to half an hour before shampooing, and it really helped with reducing itchiness. There is a minty smell, and the texture is very thick so it’s easy to spread over the hair. Needless to say, I was so relieved when I could use my Clear shampoo again, so I have just been using this to finish it (will expire May 2012!).  If you’ve got itchy scalp and mild dandruff, you should give it a try.

Himalaya Herbals used to be available in major drugstores, but recently the company has been withdrawing their products from the shelves. Direct selling from the Himalaya Indonesia importer is possible though, and the contact info is below.

Himalaya Herbal
French Walk Blok G No. 26, Kelapa Gading Square, MOI
Tel. 021-45869255
Email anggra.puspita at himalayahealthcare dot com

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