Longchamp Les Pliage Cuir

Who doesn’t love the functionality, practicality, comfort and the choice of colors of Longchamp Les Pliage? Longchamp Les Pliage is known for all of these qualities, and they are coming with more!

Longchamp Les Pliage Cuir is Les Pliage made of a mixed-race leather chosen for its incredible suppleness. It adds even more practicality and longevity than its canvas predecessor. Adding to that, Les Pliage Cuitrcomes in drool-worthy colors – cyclamen, red, orange, turquoise, taupe, natural, and of course, navy and black. Longchamp also makes Les Pliage Cuir in a variety of sizes and shapes:

  • Clutch (28x17x10 cm)
  • Small Tote – with strap (25x23x16 cm)
  • Medium Tote (31x30x19 cm)
  • Large Tote – with strap (40x31x18 cm)
  • Travel Bag – with strap (45x35x23 cm)


For a branded, high-quality, full-leather bags, they are priced reasonably – USD 225 for the clutch, USD 490 – 590 for the totes, to USD 775 for the travel bag.

I learned from the bag addicts of the FD Forum, dadomalang and silvershore_lake, that they are placing pre-order with our (yet another) Forum member/trusted bag reseller magentawardrobe (contact her through her Facebook page for more information).