Editor’s Letter: What We Have for April

This post was supposed to be published early April, but we were caught up with so many things here at the Female Daily HQ!

When there are lots of exciting things happen, time flies by so fast. I remember back in December 2011, we were having Female Daily Network’s Annual Meeting, discussing about our plan for 2012. Without even realizing it, we’re entering the second quarter of the year. So we thought, it’s a good idea for us to write an Editor’s Letter from this month onward. Here, we can communicate with you  better of what have been happening in the previous month, and what is going to happen in the month ahead. I know, with so many things going on at once, it’s hard to keep track of everything. This way, you’ll get to know the exciting things we’re planning, editorial-wise and event-wise, as well as what you’ve been missing.

March has gone a little bit slow for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we were physically exhausted from Women Wired Weekend mayhem that happened back in late February. Our ‘shopping account’ is also still recuperating from the damaged made by Market Plaza Day. The new thing now is we are splitting the fashion and beauty contents, so if you just want to see updates from only one of the sections, you can directly visit style.fashionesedaily.com (for fashion related updates) and beauty.fashionesedaily.com (for beauty related updates). In the front page of Fashionese Daily,  you’ll only get the headline photo and title from all the sections, in Style and Beauty you will be presented with the gist of the story directly in continuous, old style blog form.

We’ve also faced with terribly sad news, our Editor Rizka leaving the company to pursue career in different area. We held one exciting farewell party for her where the entire Female Daily Network crew went for bowling, followed by dinner and ended up with Rizka in tears :). She is the first person ever to leave the company. This leaves us with an empty post on the editorial team. So if you’re interested in pursuing career in fashion or beauty industry, love writing, let’s join our fun and growing team as an Editor and/or Associate Editor.

Now that we’re entering April, you must be wondering what plan we have up on our sleeves right?

Of course there is the much-celebrated Hari Kartini on the 21 April, let’s see what we can do to top off our interview with Dhyta last year, our very own Kartini, for this year.

As we celebrate Earth Day on 22 April, we’re going to bring you what can be done for this earth, the realistic one and those that are more than just switching off the unused lights and not letting the tap water runs when you’re brushing your teeth. I’m sure, there are so much simpler things that we can do, starting from how we dress to our beauty routine, that can attribute something for our mother earth. What about ingredients? I’m sure many of you are wondering whether there are ingredients that we need to avoid. We’re also going to feature companies that have done a great share on helping to keep this earth greener.

On the beauty side, we still have a couple of products on our review list. For April, other than the YSL Youth Liberator Forever serum that we reviewed, we have several serums on our list; Biotherm Skin Ergetic, SK II Cellumination and Estee Lauder Idealist. We  also have several body products to write, from Vaseline and Nivea, to The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter. New makeup anyone? Of course we got plenty to cover for you, from collaboration to new product launch in Indonesia.

Hopefully, by the end of the month, we’re also going to move to a bigger and cozier space, just a few steps from our current one. Since we’re already renting it from the mid of this month, we thought, since we don’t want to pile on our junks on our wardrobe, we’re thinking of throwing a ‘Fashionese Daily’s Garage Sale‘ event where all members are welcome to participate. Of course, there is only so much space available. We’ll keep you posted on the details once we settled in with the date. But what do you think about this idea? After all, one girl’s junk is another girl’s treasure :)

Oh, I almost forgot, we’re also going to have another exciting contest. Just a little bit of hint: it’s going to involve your personality and signature scent. Other than that, don’t forget the New Crocs New You Makeover Contest , your entry will still accepted until June. Remember, there’s the  $8000 grand prize waiting for you.

As usual, if you have any comment on the articles you want to see on Fashionese Daily, drop your suggestion on the comment box below. We also welcome contribution for articles, Inside Her Bag and Skincare Arsenal to info@fashionesedaily.com.