PAC by Martha Tilaar Makeup Remover

What Is It? PAC by Martha Tilaar Makeup Remover

The Claim:

Liquid makeup remover to gently remove makeup, lashes and lipstick. Enriched with Jojoba Seed Oil, effectively wipes off any makeup and impurities while helps to moisturize and soften your skin. Dermatologists-tested and suitable for all skin types. PAC by Martha Tilaar is the major local player in professional artist cosmetics in Indonesia. They deliver professional-quality makeup at a lower price level when compared to global brands.

The Star Ingredient:

  • Jojoba Seed Oil – enhance makeup-removing and impurities, while keeping the skin moisturized, unlike other makeup remover that could be drying and harsh to skin.

Packaging and Formula:

PAC by Martha Tilaar Makeup Remover comes in a clear plastic bottle with a squirt top. I like clear bottles as I can see how much it is left. The consistency is oil-like.

I find it comforting that the ingredients list is not that long. Ingredients include Squalene and Tocopheryl acetate (i.e., Vitamin E) for skin conditioning. Humectants (to hold moisture in the skin) and emollients are Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Isopropyl myristate, and Glycerin.

How To Use:

Shake well before use. Apply liquid remover to clean cotton pad and gently wipe onto skin.

The Review:

I have not used a standalone makeup remover for a while, as I find a lot of them sting my skin, especially around the lid area. I guess I have a rather sensitive skin around the eyes. I wasn’t sure that I would like to try this one too, but things were looking up when I read that the formula contains Jojoba Seed Oil. I have had good experience with Jojoba, it’s the perfect essential oil for combination-dehydrated skin like mine.

I tested by dispensing one quick squirt on a cotton square for removing my eye makeup. I swiped the cotton square gently across my eyes, and I think I was waiting for the usual stinging to come. But there was none! It just felt warm and oily. I used a total of four quick squirts to remove the overall makeup, including an extended-wear foundation. Everything came off without a glitch. I then washed my face with my usual facial foam to rid of the leftover liquid; still no stinging or drying sensation afterwards.

How Much: Rp 128,500 for 180 ml, available at PAC counters and stores.

What Can Be Improved:

I suppose I could say that I favor pump bottle better (it’s not to say that the squirt cap on this one pours a large amount of liquid at once; it’s just my personal preference).

According to the official website, currently PAC stores and counters are located in major cities in Java. It would be nice if PAC products could be more widely available nationwide, considering that this is a Indonesian brand that we are quite proud of.

The Verdict:

I like PAC by Martha Tilaar Makeup Remover because it doesn’t sting, it works for overall makeup-removing (not just the eye), and most importantly, it does the job well. It is still reasonably priced for professional-quality product.