Natural Oils Part 1: Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the most talked-about natural oils nowadays. I got curious about it when I found “Argan Oil” thread on Female Daily Forum. Why does argan oil gets so popular? It’s because many people swear by it, that argan oil does work in improving skin’s moisture and conditions.

What is argan oil?

Argan oil is actually oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the argan fruit. As I read on, argan tree is an ancient tree that is only endemic to Morocco and is not usually found anywhere else in the world. Therefore, it’s one of the rarest vegetable oils in the world, and consequently one of the most expensive due to its small and slow productivity rate.

The benefits of argan oil

From what I gather through my research, argan oil has been protecting the hair and skin of Morocco’s Berber women for centuries. Recent research has proven the oil is packed with skin-beneficial compounds: hydrating essential fatty acids, potent antioxidant polyphenols, and nearly three times the amount of vitamin E in olive oil. Besides having good nutrients, argan oil is fast-absorbed to the skin, and it gives noticeable effect when topically used, as it instantly enriches the skin with vitamins. Most of all, people like wearing argan oil because it prevents wrinkle lines and has anti-aging effects.

As for the hair, argan oil is able to treat damaged, dry or brittle hair. It strongly hydrates and seal hair moisture by forming a non-evaporating layer around the hair. The layer retains moisture until it is washed off, making it a powerful and long-lasting moisturizer. Not only that, argan oil is said to help strengthen the hair shaft and promotes elasticity by daily application. And, argan oil  gives nourishing and strengthening effect for nails.

Argan oil can be consumed as well. It’s even considered as healthy food because it’s made up of more than 80% unsaturated fats. However, the production process of argan oil for beauty product and argan oil for culinary purpose are different. For culinary purpose, the oil is roasted during the production while the oil for beauty product is extracted by cold pressing. Usually, the roasted version contains a mild nutty scent

“100% argan oil” vs “contains argan oil”

Argan oil is often added in beauty product. However, it’s better to use pure argan oil without any additional ingredient because synthetic chemical can cause irritation on sensitive skin as stated on Moreover, additional ingredient may decrease argan oil’s effectiveness.

Considerations before buying argan oil

  • Know your purpose. If you’re looking for argan oil for your skin or hair, get the oil that is extracted by cold pressing. If you want argan oil for culinary purpose, find the roasted ones.
  • Make sure that it’s 100% argan oil, with no extra preservative or ingredient.
  • Check the bottle to see if the argan oil has been certified by government regulatory bodies to meet their standards. It will prevent you from getting counterfeit oil.
  • Since there are many brands out there selling argan oil, it is recommended that you do some research and read many reviews before buying.

Where to buy argan oil

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