SOMEARETHIEVES Sneakers That Step Out Of Mainstream Fashion

For all sneakers lovers or those who are looking for new pair sneakers, let me introduce you to SOMEARETHIEVES!

The History

SOMEARETHIEVES is a new sneakers brand that conceived in the early months of 2010 by Enrico Nicolin, a Jakarta-based Italian national. In the past 13 years, he has been cooperating with some of Italy major fashion brands as an outsourcing agent for their hi-end sneakers production. As the company was established and its trademark registered, Massimo Mantero, Alberto Simeone and Emanuale Novie joined and formed a “gang of thieves” who now runs the brand operations.

Starting with a collection for Fall/Winter 2010, SOMEARETHIEVES has developed and presented several styles in wide selections of colors, materials and treatments. Among its achievement, the brand won a selection to participate White Milan exhibition in June 2011. There the brand showcased its Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

The Product

What makes SOMEARETHIEVES’s sneakers different? The basic design concept of the brand is under-dressing the sneakers through personalized details and unusual manufacturing technique to carry a rebellious trait.

Every SOMEARETHIEVES sneaker is artisan-made. The finely sewn leather uppers are subject to intensive multi-process distressing treatments. Various types of washings, spraying and deep dying treatment are combined. Kid skin fully-line the uppers, and fine cow leather footbeds completes the 100% full leather composition.

The Market

As the products carry a distinctive trait, SOMEARETHIEVES  sneakers are designed for consumers who are willing to experience an idea of footwear that steps out from mainstream and conformed fashion.

The New Collection

The Neon Dyed for Spring/Summer 2012 – It’s a colorful collection resulted from long exploration of deep dying coloring process. This collection has three styles, which are high top, laced-up low cut and espadrilles. The design was inspired by the colors of the cities and bright light of neon signs. The Neon Dyed will hit the shelves by end of May 2012.

Breach for Fall/Winter 2012 – The collection involved further step into the exploration of pre- and post-production process. Unevenly black paint sprayed onto the suede leather as if the “thieves” successfully regenerate their worn-out sneakers. It’s inspired by sub-urban scenery during a storm and washed out by the rain.

Presented during the last Paris Homme Fashion Week in February 2012, the collection will be distributed in Northern Europe for the first time then it hit the rest of the stores by September 2012.

The Availability

SOMEARETHIEVES products are currently being sold in Indonesia and Australia by premium retailers such as Linea, S2, W Hotel Bali. The number of retailers are increasing. These sneakers are also distributed  in Northern Europe and will be presented at premium European trade fairs in June to August 2012.