Exclusive Glamour Collection – The Eco-Friendly, Red Carpet-Worthy Line from H&M

One of the most prominent high street label, Hennes & Mauritz, or H&M as we know it, is releasing a collection that is red carpet-worthy. The line, titled ‘Exclusive Glamour Collection’, according to its official press release, remains affordable, yet is opulent, and eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly, you ask? That seems unlikely for a red carpet gown to be eco-friendly. Well, H&M wants to show that ‘green’ fashion does not always translate into environmentally responsible jeans or t-shirt. The Exclusive Glamour Collection makes use of recycled polyester, organic cotton and hemp.

The collection has already made a debut on celebrities. Michelle Wiliams, Kristin Davis, Amanda Seyfried and Viola Davis have all been seen rocking the eco-friendly pieces in highly publicized events such as movie premiers, BAFTA and Vanity Fair event.

True to its roots of accessible yet trendy, the prices that H&M quotes on these pieces are relatively affordable, ranging from EUR 19,95 for that hot-pink sleeveless top separate, made of recycled polyester, to EUR 299 for Chantilly organic cotton/silk gown with organza crease plissé meringue skirt. The short dresses vary around EUR 59,95 to 79,95 .

There is no news yet on the availability of the Exclusive Glamour Collection in Asia, but the official worldwide release date is April 12. If any of you plan to visit or live in countries where there is an H&M outlet store, please check and report back to us whether you see any of these items!

* images courtesy of H&M official website