Product Of The Week: Tea Label Lle Deleron Pearl Necklace

I can’t get enough of pretty necklaces!

Pearl is timeless, versatile and available for any budget – from the ultra-expensive natural pearls, to mid-budget cultured pearls (and these, too, come in many kinds, in a wide range of price tags), and the budget-conscious faux pearl. It is true, however, that pearl could get boring, or even matronly. The trick is to find something that is unique from the perspective of arrangement and combination.

Tea Label’s Champagne Wishes lookbook, featuring Lle Deleron necklace

I recently snatched a pearl necklace from Tea Label (read Affi’s rave here), called Lle Deron, from the brand’s newest collection, Champagne Wishes. The small, off-white, faux pearls are handwoven into 14K gold-plated chains. When worn, it falls low near the breast cleavage, making it perfect to wear with a simple top, creating an illusion of a longer neck. It’s a bit chunky and modern, without losing the air of sophistication from pearls arrangement.

To be honest with you, for two seconds, I was a bit disappointed when I received the necklace. I thought it was plain, and the color was a bit off than what I thought it’d be. Well, that was until I actually put it on! It instantly added ‘oomph’ to my plain work attire, while still appropriate for a formal office environment. For a more laid back look, pair it with jeans, a solid v-neck or boat-neck blouse, fierce heels and clutch. It keeps the getup simple yet elegant, suitable for those weekend brunches. The color gives away a yellowish, off-white hue, which is pictured differently under different lighting. I am in love with this necklace – I’ve worn it every day since I received it. It seems like almost everything that I own goes well with this one!

It is available from Tea Label website for Rp 209,900. Quite affordable, I may say! The stock is limited, and if you don’t get this Lle Deleron necklace, do take a look at the label’s online store. They have quite a few of non-boring pearl necklaces and bracelets available.


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