Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One – Shine Free Cake Powder

What is it? Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One – shine free cake powder.

The Claim. The product claims to give the following:

  • All day shine control. Blend of water and sebum repellent powders keep skin matte and fresh throughout the day.
  • UV Protection SPF 25 PA ++
  • Instant fairness. Infused with pro Vitamin C, it instantly makes skin look fairer and more natural.
  • Coverage for imperfections. Ultra fine powders and coated pigments cover the spots for even skin.
  • Long lasting formula
  • Conceal blemishes
  • Tone-perfecting formula. Developed for Southeast Asian skin tone, each shade blends effortlessly all over for a natural, non-cakey finish.

It’s available in 5 shades and in refill; non-comedogenic and gentle on skin.

Who is it for: Those who want to get both oil-control and opaque coverage from face powder.

Packaging and formula:

Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One comes in pink compact packaging with a sponge and mirror.The mirror is wide enough for me to apply my makeup. The packaging separates the powder and the sponge which is a good thing as the sponge won’t contaminate the powder. As for the formula, it has smooth formula that create velvety texture on the skin. The texture is buildable from medium to full coverage, depending on the application.

Verdict: The first time I applied Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One, I got a result that was too opaque, perhaps because I applied it with sponge provided, which picked up too much product. DesZell then suggested to apply it with brush. I followed her advice the following time, using stippling brush, it looked more natural on me.

The product successfully evening out my skin tone. However, I don’t think I should expect “instant fairness” effect as the product claims. What matters is finding the right shade of Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One.

When I applied the product after I used moisturizer, without any primer and concealer, only minor facial flaws got covered. Major spots on my face, such as acne scars, couldn’t be covered. Therefore, concealer is still needed before wearing Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One.

As my skin is rather dry to start with, I could not fully attest to the “all day shine control” effect that product promises. My skin did look matte and quite long-lasting if I don’t sweat much. I hope the product still lasts long during those humid days when I tend to sweat more.

What can be improved: More shades would be a great improvement. Since it’s only available in 5 shades, I don’t think all women can find suitable shades for their skin.

How much: Rp 35,000