A Skin That is A Year Younger With YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum

What is it? Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Serum


The Claims: Get a visibly younger skin in a month of usage. It promises that after a month of using this product, your skin will be a year younger in age. Just the perfect birthday gift for me who has just reached 30 last month. Too bad the result is not accumulative :) It said to liberate youth within your skin from the age of 25, so I assume this would be perfect for those 25 yo and above.

From the studies done by Yves Saint Laurent of 118 women, ranging from the age of 30 – 50, the results have shown that:

  • 81% of respondents said that their skin is more luminous instantly
  • 79% said that wrinkles are less visible after 7 days
  • 90% said that their skin is more plumped after 1 month.

The Star Ingredients: Glycanactif, an ingredient identified by Yves Saint Laurent as an innovative combination of glycans. It is able to unlock cells’ potential for youth, as well as recreating the lost glycans as we age. Glycans supposedly helps to stimulate skin regeneration mechanism.

This ingredient is the fruit of Yves Saint Laurent ‘s investment in the science of Glycobiology. What is Glycobiology? The people at the YSL.SKINSCIENCE explains that Glycobiology is a science of the future in the medical field, studying the structure, biosynthesis and biology of saccharides, of which is the sugar chains or glycans. All living things in this world contain saccharides, including humans. The scientists at the YSL.SKINSCIENCE are the first in applying glycobiology to advanced skincare technology.

Glycanactif promises to help regulates three functions on the skin:

  • Triggers metabolic reaction in the cells
  • Promotes communications on the cells’ surface
  • Restructures the intercellular tissue between cells.

The Packaging & Formula: A pink-colored gel or oil-like fluid housed in a pink pipette bottle. You’ll need three drops for application on the entire face and neck. A bottle lasts me for 45 days, but if you’re only using it for your face it should lasts up to 3 months.

The best thing about this product is the fragrance note. I love the smell very much! I wish that every skincare can be as thoughtful as this one, taking it to the next level by injecting the three notes composition. Starting with a fresh citrus and spices notes in the beginning, floral middle notes and ending it with relaxing and woody and amber hints in the end.

The Verdict: My first impression upon the product release is that this is going to be an all-in-one serum, much like Lancôme Visionnaire that I’ve previously tried couple of months ago. Other than the fragrance of this skincare, I like the gel like texture of this serum that feels cooling on my face. Even though it feels quite watery at first, but it surprisingly dries out to a matte finish.

I first tried this serum during the press gathering, which allow me to tried on the complete product range. I felt my skin instantly to be plumper and radiant. I thought it was just a placebo effect from the excitement of using new skincare, but after more than 6 hours of usage, the effect was still there. I opted for the YSL Forever Youth Liberator Creme (moisturizer) for normal combination skin, instead of the Nutri Creeme for dry skin at the launching. Surprisingly, my skin doesn’t feel dry at all.

Over the course the next one week, I tried to search for a moisturizer that would be a perfect match with this serum, as I didn’t have the YSL Forever Youth Liberator Creme or Nutri Creme. I find that, when pairing it with moisturizer from an aging care line, it becomes richer in texture, and my facial skin becomes really watery because of the excess production of sebum and sweat. However, if I opt for mattifying moisturizer is targeted for oily/combination type, my skin feels slightly dehydrated by mid-day. Ultimately, I choose to go with moisturizer for dry skin, but with slightly less rich. It works just fine, but not as perfect as when I first tried it with the YSL Forever Youth Liberator Creme. I’m not one that usually use skincare products from the same range, but for this, I would say to get the complete range because the products are just perfect together.

After a month of usage, the initial impression of improved radiant and plumper is still there. My face looks ever so glowing and I can even use only loose powder for days when I don’t have to meet important clients (normally, I am an avid fan of foundation use). Even my acne seems to be drying quite fast during PMS.

I could see how oilier skin will opt for this one instead of the Lancôme Visionnaire. I would definitely recommend this for those with normal to combination skin, looking for a solution to dullness, lost of radiance and wrinkles. For drier skin type, I would recommend getting the serum and nutri creme together.

How much? IDR 1,050,000.

Also available in this range:

  • Purify Cleansing Foam IDR 480,000
  • Prepare Lotion IDR 550,000
  • Eye Care Eye Cream IDR 650,000
  • Creme and Nutri Creme IDR 1,000,000

What can be improved: Upon experiencing the product to last for only 45 days, I think it’s more economical to have the 50ml instead (YSL carries the 50ml version overseas).