Today’s Outfit; The Day I Broke The Fluidline

Last month, I was on the hunt for a gel eyeliner. I have actually decided to settle with Maybelline gel liner, since it has good review from Amal – and as she is Managing Editor of Fashionese Daily, of course I believe everything that Amal raves. That day, I attended The Founder’s Institute graduation at Pacific Place. After that, I went to Metro Department Store because Amal wanted me to get her Revlon Top Speed nail polish. Since M.A.C. cosmetic counter is just right at the entrance of Metro Department Store, I couldn’t help but trying on some products, including The Fluidline.

Vintage dress, Uniqlo blazer, Jimmy Choo Pumps, Celine Luggage bag


I didn’t plan to purchase The Fluidline because I’ve already set myself on the one from Maybelline. But I tried it anyway because I remember it was so close to get a place as the best eyeliner on our first Best Beauty Award. When I tried it on, I don’t know what happened but I lost grip of The Fluidline and couldn’t catch it so it went flat on the floor, with broken jar and all -__-.  It wasn’t completely broken to pieces, I’m sure somehow the beauty assistant can do something with it and put it back to the display shelves, but I just felt bad about it. I didn’t think I could just say sorry and walked away, so I told him I wanted the black one. So much for trying to save up some money to get a cheaper one. Thank God I like the product and have been using it at least every other day, so it’s not a complete waste of money.