Kikki.K: Fun and Fashionable Stationery

Do you still remember how you felt as a little kid, when your parents got you a set of school supplies with your favorite character prints? I do. My mom used to take me to this particular shop in Ratu Plaza on every new term holiday and she generously allowed me to pick a new school bag, a new water bottle, and of course, new stationery! And this little girl would go beyond ecstatic at that time. Well, who doesn’t love fancy stationery? Most girls do. Now that I am a grown-up girl :D, getting myself a proper stationery with sensible price tag, is rather tricky. Basically, I want my stationery to be colorfully cute, well-designed, and tastefully done Those sold in mainstream bookstores never fully accommodate the criteria.

So one day, when I stumbled across this kikki.K boutique at Ion Mall Singapore, I was captivated by the invitingly-attractive stationery displayed at the store window. Oh man, was I in love! My heart started beating frantically as I entered the all-white store. It’s truly a haven for all stationery lovers. And by the way, I love how they keep the interior clean and simple, which I think it’s a clever way to highlight the entire collections.

Photo source: (left) The Sunday Morning Herald

Kristina Karlsson, the founder of the brand started this business from her tiny one bedroom apartment in Australia. Being a Swedish born who lives far from the homeland. While she was about to build her home office, she found it difficult to get stylish stationery and organization tools that she had grown up with. That, along with her passion in design, drove to give birth to kikki.K in 2001. You may want to visit to read the rest of her inspiring entrepreneurial story. I find that the website is pretty interesting. There, you can shop online, read the blog, and get inspired by the organization tips and D-I-Y ideas. Just be careful though, you may drool over their extensive collections.

Apart from the beautiful, creative, and functional features and designs, I love them for consistently trying to cater every personal taste and needs. Either you are a sophisticated working woman who fancies their elegant leather notebooks, or a school girl who can’t get enough of their cute pens and adhesive notes. A mom to be, a bride to be, a home baker, a travel junkie, a pet lover, or even a dreamer! Whoever you are, you will never fail to find something for yourself.

As for myself, I very much love their Cute Diary, which really befits my criteria of a stylishly fun planner. I bought the 2011 and 2012 version. But, it’s probably not suitable for those whose job requires a professional look :). And I also have their Leather Travel Document Wallet (at half price!). For people who love traveling, especially with kids in tow, this travel wallet will be really helpful. No more drama of misplaced documents. Frankly speaking, these products do not come cheap, but still pretty much affordable. A reasonable price for such quality and beauty, I say.

Currently, kikki.K has opened their boutiques in three countries : Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Let’s hope that they will set foot in Indonesia at the nearest future. Meanwhile, don’t forget to put kikki.K on your itinerary when you plan a visit to the Merlion City. They regularly have out-of-season sale, you can check it on the web. Usually, if products on their website are on sale, they will be on sale as well in Singapore.


Kikki.K Singapore :

Ion Mall level B2
Tampines Mall level 1
Terminal 2 Changi Airport