Caring Colours Happy Series Lip Colour and Eye Shadow

What is it? Caring Colours Happy Series Lip Colour and Eye Shadow. The lip colour is available in 24 shades while the eye shadow is available in 10 sets (each set is a combination of 4 colors).

Caring Colours products, including the Happy Series, target young working women in urban area. However, I think it’s suitable for any woman who loves wearing makeup.

The Claim: It is called Happy Series because the products are claimed to make our skin healthy and happy with its ingredients containing Omega 3 extracted from Sacha Inchi oil and Brazilian pepper.

Star Ingredients: Caring Colours Happy Series contains Omega 3 extracted from Sacha Inchi oil and Brazilian pepper originated from Peru and Amazon jungle in South Africa. Omega 3 as food supplement functions to reduce stress and stiffness as well. Moreover Happy Series also contain tourmaline mineral, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and UV protection.

Besides the ingredients above, Happy Series Lip Colour is enriched with “Moisture Core”, colorless part in the middle of the lipstick that looks like lip balm. Moisture Core contains Hyaluronic Acid, avocado oil and mango extract to nourish the lips. In addition, Happy Series Eye Shadow is enriched with shea butter to moisturize the skin.

Packaging and formula: When we see the packaging of Happy Series Lip Colour and Eye Shadow, we’ll find pretty motifs that decorate the product. As we open the packaging, it turns out that the motifs is printed on plastic seal that covers the product.
If we tear the plastic cover of Happy Series Lip Colour carefuly, we can keep the decorating motif. However, we cannot do the same thing on the eye shadow. We cannot keep the decorated plastic of eyeshadow’s packaging.

The formula in Happy Series lip colour is quite moisturizing. It glides smoothly on the lips and successfully prevents my lips from being dry.

Happy Series Eye Shadow’s texture is rather satisfying. The texture appears smooth on the skin and doesn’t look chalky.

The Verdict: Happy Series Lip Colour gives more sheer color to the lips compared to the color shown on the product. Expect a more subtle color payoff. Anyhow, I’m still quite satisfied with the moisturizing effect that it gives.

Happy Series Eye Shadow appears a bit shimmery on the skin. It delivers smooth texture and great pigments too. What we see on the product is close to the color that we get on our skin.

What can be improved?

I wished the decorating motif is printed on directly on the product’s packaging, not on the plastic cover. It’s too bad that we cannot keep the decoration forever with the product.

The fragrance of Happy Series Lip Colour is a tad strong so I think it would be better if it could be toned down. I really don’t mind my lipstick smells contains soft-smelling fragrance or none at all.

Lastly, I find the lip colour’s turning mechanism is a bit stiff, it gets somewhat hard to make the product comes up. Therefore I think revising the packaging so it would turn and come up is a suggested improvement.

How much? Rp 31,500 for Happy Series Lip Colour; Rp 59,900 for Happy Series Eye Shadow