Smokey Eyes Tutorial With Affordable Budget

What do you normally do when the Internet at the office goes dead and you can’t do any work? The girls at Fashionese Daily usually pick up their nail polish or palette and play around with it, just like what happened today. We thought, why don’t we do a tutorial while we’re at it :)

We have couple of products that are on the affordable range but the quality is comparable to those of a much pricier product. So we’re going to do a ‘Smokey Eyes Tutorial With Affordable Budget’.

First thing first, the most important thing in nailing this look is to have the right eyeshadow palette. We choose Maybelline Eye Studio Hyper Diamonds Eyeshadow in GR 1 that have five different colours and finishes and perfect for the purpose of this tutorial.

To make this tutorial easier, I already put numbers on the eyeshadow shades so that it’s easier for all of you to follow instruction.

Let’s start the tutorial.

  1. Apply eyeshadow No. 2 on your lid up until the crease line. Use your eyeshadow brush or sponge applicator provided in the palette. If you’re using sponge applicator don’t ‘brush’ the sponge on your lid, instead tap the product with the sponge onto the lid.
  2. Apply No. 3 on your crease line using the small sponge tip or blender brush.
  3. Apply No. 4 all over your lid up to the brow bone. Blend the eyeshadow that you’ve already applied together so the colours are nicely blend.
  4. Apply No. 5 on the outer V corner of your lid and blend it inward. If you want your smokey eyes look to be look more define, you can apply more of this shadow on this area.
  5. Still using No. 5, apply it to the lower lash line, from the outer corner of the eyes up until three quarter of the area.
  6. Apply No. 6 to the inside corner of your eyes. This will brighten up your eyes instantly.
  7. Apply your eyeliner and make sure that it’s not too thick. Make sure that your eyeliner is waterproof because you don’t want panda eyes look :)
  8. Apply No. 5 on top of the eyeliner that you’ve previously drawn to give a deep black glittery effect on the eyeliner. We used the small tip sponge applicator to apply the eyeshadow.

Here it is the final look:

  • Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 085 Sugar Plum Rp 75,000
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Hyper Diamonds Eyeshadow in GR 1 Rp 98,000
  • L’Oreal True Match Blush in Rosewood Rp 154,500
  • Maybelline Express Smooth Felt Liner
  • L’Oreal True Match Powder Foundation Rp 209,000