Caviar – From Luxury Delicacy To Beauty Ingredient

Have you ever tried eating caviar? Or know what it is exactly? The word “caviar” refers to lightly salted roe or fish eggs. The one that is considered as “true” and premium caviar is Sturgeon Roe, comes from the Sturgeon fish originated in Caspian Sea, bordered by Russia and Iran. Premium caviar is sometimes called black caviar because it refers to the color of sturgeon roe.  It comes in several varieties: beluga, sevruga sterlet and osetra. Two years ago ,the price was between $8,000 – $ 16,000 per kilogram.

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Why caviar is so expensive? Some says caviar is the symbol of wealth and luxury. As stated in, sturgeon fish population worldwide is at critical level, driving the price to be more and more expensive. Moreover, the way caviar is produced is too tedious and requires a very delicate processing. It takes twelve stages of operation to make the finest caviar, and it should be done in a span of 15 minutes, otherwise the eggs will be spoiled. The transportation of the eggs is also conscientious.

Besides sturgeon roe, there are other popular and less expensive types of roe. Those types of caviar include lumpfish caviar, whitefish caviar, trout, steelhead and salmon caviar (often called as red caviar).

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Despite its expensive price, caviar still finds its way to restaurants, and lately, caviar is also believed to be a beneficial and effective ingredient for beauty. Caviar is a great source of oil and sea protein. The nutrients in one tablespoon of caviar (16 gram) include 3.94 g protein, 2.86 g fat also 94 mg cholesterol.

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Angelina Jolie is reported to be one of the celebrities who choose La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream ($710 for 100ml) for her skin. mentioned her treatment contains the eggs of Baerii sturgeon, a protein-rich ingredient, said to be good for moisturizing and firming the skin. Jolie chooses the treatment because she is worried about visible veins on her arms, forehead and hand after her weight loss.

Anyone interested to try caviar-infused beauty product? or how do you like it as delicacy?