Today’s Outfit: Animal Prints Over Black

I finally got the chance to wear my leopard print heels that I posted here. I love how the shoes in itself could be the centre of my outfit. I bought the shoes because my wardrobe is dominated by black and this kind of shoes would be just perfect to pair up with my dark-colored outfit.

That day the sun shone so brightly, every time we took pictures outside, it turned to be overly bright! I felt that my makeup melted before my eyes, but thankfully it didn’t happen – thanks to the genius Smashbox Primer that kept my foundation intact for the whole day.

Top: Mango
Pants: Zara, I feel that this kind of pants makes me two sizes bigger than I actually already am. But they’re super comfortable!
Belt: Mango, picked up the same print with my shoes
Bag: Gucci
Shoes: Wittner

The yummy Taro milk tea with bubble from Quickly that helped ease up the heat that day.

What I wore on my arms: Mont Blanc watch (another watch that belonged to my Dad other than that Omega I wore previously), unbranded ID bracelet, Mondial gold bracelet and Aigner double straps leather bracelet. Mix gold rings that I got at different occasions from Melawai, famous for their jewelry shops :)

Oh, and don’t you just love the taupe nail polish? It’s the Revlon Top Speed Stormy that I’ve previously reviewed. It’s currently my HG nail polish.