Not That I Need This Brush, But …

Seriously, I don’t need yet another MAC 187 brush. I’ve already had the short version and on top of that, I also have duo stippling brush in the small version (MAC 188) and blusher version.

Why do I want another 187 brush? Well, because it’s a limited edition item, and it looks so sleek and polished!

This limited edition 187 brush is part of M.A.C latest collection; M.A.C & Marcel Wanders. It all comes in a sleek chrome packaging that also includes solid perfume, brush clutch, lipstick, lip gloss, powder, mascara, and of course, this lovely brush. The price tags range from $18 to $80.

While the regular 187 brush is sold at $42, this limited edition brush could be yours at a hefty $80, which is the only thing that make me think twice to actually get an additional 187 brush. Do you think the silver chrome handle worth the extra $32 M.A.C is charging us? I’m still contemplating whether I’m going to let a whopping $80 out my next pay check to unearth this brush.

The other products from this collection look just as tempting as this one. Take a look at few of the product pictures below.

Have you got anything from this collection? Or probably have placed a pre-order request on one of the Market Plaza sellers? I’ll be stalking Beauty Haul thread to find out who are getting their hands on items from this collection.