Yahoo! SHE, Insightful Website for Real Women

Do you notice Yahoo! SHE banner at the top of our site that asks about some problematic questions related to women’s life? As example, it asks about inter-religious relationship, the necessity for women to marry, whether you should tell your spouse if you cheat him and many more. If you click the banner, you will be directed to see the answers submitted by many real women out there. The women who give their answer don’t claims themselves experts, but they are real women like us who we can easily relate to. That said, interestingly, several people who submit their answer are men! So we can get the perspective from both genders. Of course, we can submit our own answers as well.

Reading people’s answers and opinions on Yahoo! SHE feels as if we’re listening to our best friend’s argument or story. Usually we ask such complicated life questions to our best friend, don’t we? Other than reading opinions, we can also see various polling results regarding to the question.

As a woman, we must have wondered about various things in life: career, health, relationship and so on. For example, what do you usually feel when Monday comes? For me, I often hope I’d had extra hours to sleep or wish that it was still holiday. On Yahoo! SHE, I found some tips to boost my mood on the first day of the week, such as deciding the outfit for Monday the night before, wearing my favorite outfit or shoes on Monday, or getting up earlier in the morning. All tips sound promising to make my Monday a happy day.

Do you know what the diseases that commonly found in women are? As Yahoo! SHE explains, the diseases plaguing women are osteoporosis, heart attack, depression, breast and cervical cancer and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I’ve never heard of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) before, though recent studies showed that 1 in 3 women have PCOS. I think that’s something that women should be aware of.  The fact underlines the importance of eating healthy food and maintaining healthy weight.

Looking to try on new food recipes? You can experiment with the recipes provided in Yahoo! SHE (I’m eyeing ‘Roasted Chicken with Berry Sauce). On top of yummy recipes, the Culinary section on Yahoo! She offers dining reviews and other articles about food, such as food safety – we must be careful in putting the food in refrigerator to prevent contamination. All of these are waiting for us to discover on Yahoo! She.

As beauty junkies, we must aware with dangerous ingredient like arsenic, cadmium, beryllium, lead, nickel and thallium that may be in our makeup products. On Yahoo! SHE, the list of makeup products that contain heavy metals is revealed. Some products might be your favorite ones, so let’s check out that list. Another example, if we want to use natural ingredients such as olive oil to maintain our beauty, we can also find out how on Yahoo! SHE.

To keep you updated with the latest fashion trend, Yahoo! SHE presents various fashion tips and article. There are also celebrities’ style photos for your inspiration on hairdo, makeup or outfit.

Before I talk too much about Yahoo! SHE, why don’t you just visit the website on There is plenty info we can learn from Yahoo! SHE.