Guess Which Clinique Brightening Care Sales Increase Significantly Last Year?

It’s Clinique’s Event Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. It came as a shock for me how high the sales for this product last year.

It’s no surprise if brightening products are among the most popular skincare items in Asia. We have come to know how Asians love to have a brighter and paler complexion. Not only that, but it’s proven that the darkening of the skin and spots are amongst of the most common problems found in Asian women’s skin, especially those with mature skin.

But it came as a surprise for me when I read an article in WWD that after the launch in February 2010, Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector had reached $350 million sale by year-end, a significant increase from $190 million in 2009. Karen Grant, the NPD Group’s senior global industry analyst said to WWD that “The market is shifting in terms of skin care; there is a more comprehensive approach to anti-aging, where wrinkles are component of the equation, not the main driver,”. Much like how Asians view the problem to aging skin concern. Grand added regarding this matter, “The conversation now is about texture, spots and unevenness.”

Although Asians are exposed to the sun much more – especially us here in Indonesia – than those in the western hemisphere, our skin deals better with pigmentation and skin darkening problem than those of the Caucasian. So it’s only expected that spots and unevenness become factors that need to be considered when choosing skincare, thus leading to the increase of the brightening skincare sales.

But what is Clinique Even Btter Clinical Dark Spot Corrector and why is it so sought after? It’s a refined version of Clinique’s brightening series that has been perfected several time. It is said that one bottle is sold every 9 seconds around the world. It has also won 61 awards and have very strong consumer ratings. You can see improvement with your dark spots from the 4th weeks of usage and a verified 53% of improvement after 12 weeks, which is the recommended  minimum time of usage.

Every product has its own star ingredient, and the same goes with this one. It is the patented CL-303 complex which is a plant-derived technology that has been proven to help skin’s evenness, radiance and clarity that is the star here. It consist of five ingredients:

  • Dinaella Ensifolia (Border Silver) – reduce and prevent unevenness.
  • Glucosamine and Salicylic Acid - exfoliator.
  • Ascorbyl Glucoside – powerful Vitamin C, known to have a lightening effect.
  • Blackout Yeast Extract - break up the pigmentation on our skin.

But we’ll get more into detail about this product once we’ve tried it on its launching on April 2012. We can’t hardly wait!