This Grace Kelly Photo Makes Me Want to Collect Handkerchief Scarf

I stumbled upon this picture of Grace Kelly wearing a handkerchief scarf tied on her neck. Very few people can pull it off, but Grace Kelly here did it so well. Every time I tried wearing a handkerchief scarf on my neck, it looks like that my neck just disappears or I look like a sick person.

Why does this look work for her?

  • Because she kept the outfit simple. In this photo, by wearing a plain white collared shirt. From here I conclude that collared shirt or tees will work best to wear with this style.
  • Keep the color as the main attention to the handkerchief scarf.
  • She had her hair swept back so the length of her hair didn’t ‘drown’ her neck. So if you have medium to long hair, it’s best to keep them in pony tail style or had them swept back.

Have you tried this style before? If you have your own tips on how to nail this look, please do share with me! I’ve just recently bought handkerchief scarf from Our Vintage House that I’m just little bit confused on how to use it.