Today’s Outfit: Every Color in the Rainbow

Admittedly, even though I do want to wear more colors because my wardrobe consists of black, white and grey stuff, I would never wear an outfit this colorful, if not because it was the theme of Fashionese Daily’s 5th Anniversary Party. I felt so self conscious walking around in FX that night even though everyone told me I looked fine.

Oh well, I’m going to keep wearing the top, I also love these pants and I’ve been wearing these wedges a lot. But I don’t think I’ll wear them together at the same time again :D

  • Orange top from Mazee
  • Bright cerulean peg pants from Zara
  • Chartreuse wedges from Novo

PS: I was also wearing bright fuchsia lipstick that night but I guess it didn’t show on this picture :)