Heatwave Shoerity: Showing That You Care In Every Step

In February, Heatwave held a charity event called “Heatwave Shoes Charity, Feed 1000 Indonesian Kids” as part of the CSR initiative of PT Normi International Group.


So what is it all about? In the particular month of love, Heatwave wanted to share their love with those in need and hopefully would inspire people to do just the same.

How did they do this? Heatwave donated Rp 100,000,000,- channeled through Yayasan Tangan Pengharapan (YTP). This donation would be able to feed 1000 kids for one month and hopefully would also raise awareness of child’s hunger in Indonesia. They invite 250 people to join the ceremonial event on 25 February 2012 at EX Plaza Indonesia. Not only that Heatwave customers joining Heatwave Shoerity event that day could gather and enjoy the various entertainment, but they were also taking part in the fund raising event. Those who participated in the event were given the chance to give a symbolic contribution to donate food staples to children in need. On top of that, each participant was given a pair of Heatwave best seller shoes as the token of appreciation for joining this event and showing that they, too, care about the future of the children. After all, the welfare of Indonesian children is one aspect that we all must care about, because the future lies in their hands.


Symbolic handover to the kids of YTP

Performance from the kids of YTP