Silky Smooth: Max Factor Second Skin Foundation

What is It? Second Skin Foundation by Max Factor

The Claim – According to Max Factor, Second Skin creates a flawless finish, with no detectable lines and traces, and perfect for any light. Second Skin uses clever multi-tonal pigment technology to smooth over and blend flawlessly into your own natural complexion in seconds.

The formula of Max Factor Second Skin Foundation is sheer oil in water, promises to blend easily into the skin to give a totally natural look without any tell-tale tide marks.

The Review – Second Skin goes on smooth and very easy to blend. The consistency is much runnier than my usual liquid foundation. I do not experience any drying out effect for my oily-dehydrated skin type, nor does it break out my skin. It doesn’t seep into my dry and flaking forehead area the way creamier foundation does. I’ll go out on a limb to say it is suitable for dry and normal skin types.

An additional take for me is that Second Skin is a good candidate to be applied using blender sponge. For a relatively budget-category foundation, the shade selection is not too disappointing. I am currently using NC35 (or NC30 for evening look) for my M.A.C. foundation, and I find the “Sand” shade works well for me.

I suspect, because of the multi-tonal pigment technology, the shade in the bottle does not accurately reflect the result it is actually applied. Dot by dot, on the back of my hand, Second Skin’s “Sand” shade looks far lighter than M.A.C.’s NC35, but when you apply Second Skin to your skin, it comes pretty close. My recommendation is to try it directly onto your jawline to judge the shade correctly.

As for the finish, I am very happy for the result. It lives up to the promise of looking natural. I recommend you use setting powder (I just use my usual loose powder) after you finish blending Second Skin to add some mattifying factor.

Second Skin is packaged into a light glass bottle with a pump and its own cap for extra protection when carried traveling. I love anything that comes with a pump. It’s just so much more convenient and hygienic. One pump is enough to cover the whole facial skin and a bit down onto the jawline/neck area

How much? Around Rp 155,000 for 30 ml, available at Max Factor counter at select department stores.

What could be improved? In general, I am more comfortable buying foundation that have a wider range of shade choices. As I mentioned above, if you consider trying on Second Skin, make sure that you actually try it on your jawline. Before blending in, the shade can look a bit deceiving.

Foundation with light and runny consistency is usually weaker on staying power, and thus, I would like to have an improved formula with longer lasting effect.

The Verdict – In all, I am pretty satisfied with Max Factor Second Skin Foundation for the results. I also think that Second Skin is a value buy, a good bang for the buck, given the quality.

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