Product Of The Week: Larissa Duliar’s Tulip Wrap Dress

We were happy to see several brands that had joined us on the previous Market Plaza Day at Kemang Village, also participated on the more-recent Market Plaza Day at FX during the Women Wired Weekend. However, we were also excited to meet many brands that we just became aware of. Among these brands was Larissa Duliar. I remembered visiting Larissa Duliar’s booth which offered various color of batik dresses. Larissa Duliar even run out of medium and large-size stock of the dresses.

Now Larissa Dulliar has launched its website so we can see the complete collection. There are several styles of batik dresses on its Spring/Summer 2012 collection. One of them is the Tulip Wrap Dress (Rp 440,000).

Running out of idea of what to wear in the morning? You can simply take out this Tulip Wrap Dress out of your closet. It would make your day seems easier. Tulip Wrap Dress itself looks as if it’s a combination of plain linen top with batik skirt. You just need to choose the handbag, accessories and shoes to wear, then you’re ready to go.

Tulip Wrap Dress comes in two combinations: blue parang batik skirt with white top and orange kawung skirt with blue top. If you’re interested to buy it, you can find it at Alun-Alun Grand Indonesia, level 3 of West Mall.