Today’s Outfit; Playful Polkadot Hijab Over Yellow Top

At the first look of this photo, it popped out in my mind this catchy song, itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini. It matched, didn’t it? (okay, I know it’s a whole different picture ;) )

I wore this outfit for the first annual meeting of Fashionese Daily I attended. Why yellow? It isn’t my color. Now and then, sometimes I choose yellow to spritz freshness to the whole look, usually on the scarf . Plus, a friend of mine, who is an interior designer and expert in colors, told me that my skin will go well with ‘toned down yellow’. And for this occasion, I assumed I’d cheer the room up with this semi-structured yellow top.

The polkadot shawl and this particular necklace (can somebody tell me what shape this necklace is? I can only think it resembles the military-rank patches), really do their job well. I think I can say, when in doubt plain, wear polkadot. The playfulness it brings, just timeless.

Yellow top from Ana Soe (a brand new clothing label, you’ll find them at Bazar Citos, every Tuesday)
Polkadot shawl: Square
Necklace: unbranded
Jeans: Sportsgirl
Wedges: The Little Things She Needs