Today’s Outfit: (Not So) Camera Shy

Even though I never actually work in TV, I had quite a bit of an experience being in front of the camera. When I was still working as a radio DJ, where everybody thought the next step would have to be TV, so I did a few auditions for some TV shows, thinking that I, too, should move on to that direction (later on I realized, I never wanted it at all). I remember being really nervous the first time I had to do it, which was probably why I didn’t get the gig in any of the auditions I went to :D

Then I worked for Hard Rock Cafe as a PR and also did a few TV interviews. Same thing happened when I was working for MAC Cosmetics. As a PR Manager, it was my job to speak to press on behalf of the brand and I lost count how many times I had camera pointed at me and bright light shone on my face, while I had to look calm, composed and said exactly the things I was supposed to say.  Then there was one period where I even landed a gig as a host of a TV show for MNC Lifestyle, although, because it took too much time away from the business, it was short-lived.

Like anything else, the more you get in front of the camera, the better you get at it. So when I had to do a few TV interviews for Female Daily, or for other purposes (like when I was still a Mazda2 ambassador), I felt a lot more relaxed and I could focus on delivering the most effective lines. The screen time you get is usually not very long, so you really need to think about what you’re going to say to make sure your message can come across well and bring maximum impact in a short time.

Another thing that brings me a few opportunities to get in front of the camera for interviews is becoming the winner of British Council International Young Creative Entrepreneurs awards last year. In fact, a camera crew just came to our office last week because British Council is producing a video profile of IYCE awards in Indonesia and they wanted to feature some of the winners from previous years. I feel honored to be chosen as one of the winners, as I would appear alongside some incredible figures whom I admire, such as Yoris Sebastian, Oscar Lawalata and Ridwan Kamil. I had fun shooting for the video too and can’t wait to see the result!

Anyway, here’s what I wore on that day of the video shoot.

Mustard-colored top from Primark
Mango jeans
Booties from Go Jane
Casio databank watch
My usual stacked bracelets as previously seen here; Energy muse amethyst bracelet, Carnelian bracelet from Shambala, vintage bangle from Portobello market, (X)S.M.L leather and metal bracelet